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The Great Closet Clean Out!

By Kelsey Tuia Clutter can sometimes feel like it has all-omnipotent powers over your lifestyle. It’s by far the number one thing my clients complain of. I understand the struggle in conquering the clutter—I have collected so many important relics in travel, love and life over the years. However, it’s important to live in a […]

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Mediterranean Tuna Salad

As a homemaker I have found the most irritating and yet satisfying part of my job (I mean besides being a parent) is cooking. I happen to adore creating delicious meals for my family, but to be totally honest with you, sometimes it can be a real drag- especially when the dog days of summer […]

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$1000 Challenge: Entertainment Costs

On the surface, entertainment expenses can seem completely discretionary. But it is part of human nature to want to enjoy life. I mean “the pursuit of happiness” is in the Declaration of Independence as an unalienable right! This month, I will show you that if you are strategic, use cash, and plan ahead, you can […]

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Classic Style In Black & White

When it comes to classic fashion, I have two distinct styles. For the most part I either wear bright colors, or black & white. And I almost never wear head to toe black.  I am guessing the reason is due to living in Southern California. Black on black just seems harsh here in the sunshine […]

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20 No-Brainer Dinner Recipes

  Dear Glamorous Housewife, I hate cooking but I also want to be able to feed my family a fairly healthy home cooked meal every night. What should I do? Sincerely, I Hate To Cook __________________________________________ Dear I Hate To Cook, I completely understand how frustrating it can be to come up with a meal […]

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How To Create A Living Tablescape

It’s new video Wednesday!  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any new videos I create.  Today’s video is one of my favorites! I created a living tablescape using some small indoor plants I found at my local gardening store and planted them along my dining room table. I figure […]


Creativity At Work: Elise Blaha Cripe

Inspiration can come from some of the most unexpected places. For me, it usually appears after falling deep, deep, deep down the rabbit hole known as the internet. As I was meandering my way from link to link, seemingly with no rhyme or reason, I stumbled upon a blog that has become one that inspires […]

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Citrus For Summer

There is something about summer that makes me want to go on picnics and drink lemonade on my front porch.  Cliche? Yes, but who cares?  Because summer is full of bright colors and flavors, why not reflect this sentiment in your clothing? Here is a collection of citrus inspired clothing for you be inspired by […]

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Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Here is a Glamorous Housewife public service announcement: Father’s Day is coming!  As a matter of fact, you still have enough time to pick one of these twelve awesome gift ideas for your husband and get it delivered before Sunday, June 21st! I know I always wait until the last minute and then have to […]

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The 10 Item Wardrobe

By Jennifer L. Scott Our closets are filled to the brim with clothes. Clothes we like. Clothes we don’t like. Clothes we often wear. Clothes we never wear. We acquired these clothes for various reasons. They were on sale. We thought we’d look good in them. They were a gift. We can’t get rid of […]

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Marilyn Monroe: Classic Fashion Icon

Though I have always appreciated Marilyn Monroe for her glamour, I can’t say that she has been much of an influence on my style. I guess I don’t identify with her “sex kitten” persona. I am more of a “funny and cute” kind of girl. But as I have gotten older, I must say I […]

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Theme Of The Month: Simplicity

There is an old story about a frog who was put into a pot of water on the stove. He swam around happily and was too busy being a frog to notice the water was slowly getting hotter and hotter. The change was so gradual, that it never occurred to him to hop out of […]

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6 More Ideas For Budgeting Fun

  In keeping with the idea of helping you all find fun free or cheap ways to entertain yourselves while sticking to your budget, I thought I’d share with you some of the activities we’ve found as ways to entertain ourselves. Here are six more ideas for having fun without breaking the bank: 1. Go […]

why dont you see how much fun you can have when only spending five dollars or less

Why Don’t You…Leisure Edition

Why don’t you….decorate your home with fresh tulips? Here are three ways you can easily display them. Why don’t you…make a list of all the places you dream of visiting? Here are a few places to inspire you. Why don’t you…have a cocktail to honor the arrival of spring? Here are six enticing tipples to […]

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My “Fancy” Makeup Tutorial

It’s new video Wednesday! Today’s video is the continuation of my 5 Minute Makeup Challenge video I did a few weeks ago. In that video I managed to get my “casual” or everyday makeup on in only 5 minutes! For this video I show you how I paint my face when I need to look […]

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The Ultimate Repose

One could make an argument that we spend the first nine months of our lives in a bath. There we are, floating around in the perfect temperature, completely devoid of any cares or worries. Then we are born and instantly we are transported into a world full of consternation and disorder. Being a fetus is easy. Being […]

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Red, White, & Blue: A Classic Color Combo

Betsy Ross knew a thing or two about color when she chose red, white, and blue to create the American flag because this color combination is a classic.  Im kidding! Did you know the story of Betsy Ross creating the American flag is actually just a story that is completely unsubstantiated by facts? I learned […]