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Tuesday, September 16

Classic Vintage

classic vintage 1.1

When I first started thinking about classic fashion and what it meant, I wrote this post on the difference between classic fashion and vintage style. It’s a good read and I think it really conveys what I believe about dressing for one’s self and how you don’t have to dress in a vintage style to be a glamorous housewife. This is simply how I personally like to dress, but my advice can be distilled to other classic styles as well, hence why I then decided on breaking up classic style into 6 different components: Simple, Modern, Vintage, Preppy, Glamorous, and Bohemian. 

classic vintage 2

Like the other five categories, classic vintage is often just about how you accessorize classic items. For example in the picture above, Solanah is wearing  classic sweater dress that is essentially timeless. She paired it with what I am guessing is a vintage leopard print coat, beret, and shoes. The handbag might also be vintage, and if not it is decidedly retro in style. The more modern looking belt keeps her from looking too costumey. This exact same dress could be worn with a pair of ankle boots and a modern cut jacket and it would then be put in the classic modern category. Add penny loafers and a trench coat with a striped scarf and you have classic preppy. The look isn’t necessarily in the clothing, but how it is styled that places the outfit in a certain category.

classic vintage

Other times an ensemble is classic vintage simply because the woman wearing it looks like they stepped out of a vintage magazine! In the above outfit I am guessing pretty much everything from head to toe is vintage, with the possible exception of the tights. Though I tend to shy away from this head to toe vintage look, I admire the women who are dedicated to their personal style and dress how they feel prettiest. 

Because classic vintage is my forte, I have quite a long list of things I am looking at purchasing for the fall. You can see them all below.

Vintage 3

About the Artist Dress 

Vintage 2

Architectural Tour Heel 

Vintage 18

Romcom Marathon Sweater 

Vintage 11

Bugle Joy Skirt 

Vintage 10

Midnight Blossoms Dress

Vintage 12

Lifelong Romantic Top

Vintage 26

Emerald Garden Pencil Skirt 

Vintage 5

Hug Me Do Dress 

Heirloom Vase Cardigan 

Vintage 8

Pleated Wide Leg Pant 

Vintage 20

Friends in the Field Cardigan 

Vintage 9

Give it Your Best Guest Dress in Kitchen 

Vintage 6

Let’s Get Baking Cherry Top 

Vintage 28

Bistro Crop Trousers

Vintage 4

Pump It Up Floral Heel

Vintage 27

Corsage Sweater Jacket 

Vintage 7

Today’s Muse Dress 

Vintage 17

La Cage Aux Fun Cardigan

Vintage 23

Trip The Light 

Vintage 15

Lacefall Dress 

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Monday, September 15

5 Reasons To Cook With Your Toddler

chicken and rice pot pie 13.1

It’s no secret that I love to cook. There is just something so satisfying about creating something delicious using simple ingredients that everyone enjoys eating. When my boys were younger I attempted to get them into cooking because I thought it was something that we could do together that we both enjoyed. Unfortunately the love of creating a meal was lost on them. They have zero interest in it. 

The good news is my daughter seems to be enamored with pretty much anything I do, including cooking. I guess there really is a difference between sons and daughters, at least in my family. Even though Ella just turned three we have been working together in the kitchen pretty much the entire time she has been alive. Though cooking with a toddler isn’t for the faint of heart, I have discovered five fantastic reasons you should be in the kitchen teaching your toddler how to cook.

chicken and rice pot pie 4.1

1. Cooking gives your child the feeling of accomplishment

Toddlers lives are filled with learning but often that learning comes with a lot of frustration and mistakes. Cooking with your child can show them that they are capable of creating something from start to finish. It feels good to throw simple ingredients in a dish, like UNCLE BEN’S® rice, frozen vegetables, chicken and a few other items and voila! An hour later you have a fragrant rice and chicken pot pie!

chicken and rice pot pie 12.1

2. Following a recipe teaches your toddler why following directions is important.

When I was a grade schooler I was never good at following directions and often got questions wrong on tests because I didn’t bother to read what I was supposed to do before I rushed into it. By showing Ella that each step of preparing a meal needs to go in a certain order, I am hoping she won’t make the same mistakes as I did. Following directions is an important lesson to grasp and cooking with your toddler helps them learn this task.

chicken and rice pot pie 5.1

3. Different tools have different jobs.

In the kitchen there are many different tools that are used to prepare a dish. Measuring cups are used to make sure the right amount of a certain ingredient is used, knives are used for cutting, and a blender is used to emulsify liquids. Each tool has a different job. You wouldn’t use a spatula to cut a carrot would you? By cooking with your toddler you are showing them that it is critical to use the right tool for the right job, and that each tool is important.

chicken and rice pot pie 9.1

4. Creating something together is a great way to bond with your child.

I spend a lot of time with my kids, but that time isn’t always one on one while doing an activity. Most of the time it is me on the computer and Ella playing with her toys. Cooking gives me focused time where I can really bond with Ella because we are talking, sharing, and working as a team. 

chicken and rice pot pie 1.1

5. Chores can be fun!

There is a good argument to be made that cooking is a chore. Even for those of us who adore cooking, when it comes to figuring out what to serve, making a grocery list, buying food, preparing it, and then cleaning up afterwards it isn’t always all it is cracked up to be. And let’s face it. Chores are called chores and not play for a reason. But when you turn a chore into something enjoyable you teach your toddler that there are ways to make something you don’t like to do into something fun and exciting. 

If you have a toddler or kids of any age, now is the time to teach them to cook. UNCLE BEN’S® has some fantastic recipes that are perfect for teaching your toddler kitchen basics such as Crockpot Chicken & Rice SupremeChicken Pot Pie (this is what I made with Ella and it was a success!), Sydney’s Rice & Chicken, and  Whole Grain Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla. They are so passionate about teaching kids how to cook they even have a special program called Ben’s Beginners™ which is currently running a fun contest where you can shoot a video of you and your kids cooking and possibly win prizes! Videos must be entered by 10/10/14.

So tell me, do you cook with your children? How old were they when you started? If you don’t have any kids, did you ever help your mom or dad cook? How old were you?

This Post Brought To You By The UNCLE BEN’S® Brand.

Sunday, September 14

Blast From The Past: The 1930’s


Last year I did a 5 week series where I went a bit into depth on my favorite decades. I didn’t want them to get lost in the bowls of my blog, so here is the round-up of all my 1930’s posts. My favorite is the 1930s fashion post because it was the first (and only) time I set my hair in those finger waves, which was a lot of fun. Plus you can get a glimpse of my husband! 


The Hair and Make Up Of The 1930s


1930s Fashion 


That’s Music To My Ears: Janet Klein 


1930s Interior Design- Then and Now


Making it Modern: Sausage Pasta 

Blast From The Past: The 1920s Round-Up

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