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Monday, September 29

Classic Boho Style

 classic bohemian 1.1

Ive been blogging about classic fashion for a few years and I came to the realization that I was ignoring a fairly large group of classic clothing: boho style! Because I am not a fan of the 1970s or certain aspects of bohemian fashion, I threw the baby out with the bathwater and never bothered to cover it here on the blog. But as I was coming up with the Six Styles Of Classic Clothing I came to the conclusion that classic boho style can be glamorous, elegant, and comfortable- something I am always looking for when coming up with items to showcase here on The Glamorous Housewife.

boho style

I mean come on! Look at that outfit! Glamorous perfection and it definitely doesn’t fall into any of the other categories of classic style. But that long skirt is a classic, even with the embroidery, and the black shirt isn’t only a classic, it is also a basic! 

boho style 2

So for those of you ladies who adore a more flowey silhouette, more ethnic patterns, embroidery, and maxi dresses, this is the classic style for you. I have rounded up the best of classic boho style from the fall collections, so enjoy!

Boho 13

Embroidered Glacia Gown

Boho 2

Socompa Peasant Top 

Boho 17

Embroidered Lace Tee

Boho 1

Sundial Skirt 

Boho 16

Pintura Silk Shift Dress 

Boho 4

Sunset in Your Ways Flat

 Boho 5

Sublime Saturday Top 

Boho 10

Weekly Walk and Talk Pants

Boho 6

Finery and Dandy Earrings 

Boho 14

Lacework Peasant Top

Boho 11

Abstracted Plaid Skirt 

Boho 9

Date at the Gardens Heel 

Boho 8

Gotta Jet Cardigan 

Boho 12

Tea Rose Blouse 

Boho 15

Needlepoint Garden Dress 

Boho 7

Curiosity Heel 

Boho 18

Iguazu Pencil Skirt

 Boho 3

Epilogue Maxi Dress 

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Sunday, September 28

Why Don’t You: Fall Edition Part 2

Leaves pile

Jump into a pile of leaves?

Pumkin spice latte

Drink a pumkin spice latte?


Buy a new notebook?


Learn to knit?


Make a big batch of chili? 

Friday, September 26

Dear Diary

getting things done quote funny

Today in my newsletter I will discussing part 2 of starting fresh. Last week I talked about setting goals and this week I speak about how to implement them. If you aren’t already signed up to my newsletter you can click HERE to fill out the form. 



Every week I go through my sponsor’s stores and pick out my favorite items. Here are this week’s choices:


Collection 21 Hooded Towel Set 


1950s Handpainted Rosebud Earrings


1950s Cream Beaded Top


Vintage Purple Velvet Skirt 

Little missvintage gold bow

Vintage Gold Mesh Bow Hair Clip

Kinny and Howie

Meadow Sage Dress


  Fashion Illustration 1920-1950 


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