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Monday, July 21

More Shoes Under 50 Bucks: Summer Transition

shoes under 50.1

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will already know my deep and abiding love of shoes. My mother says this is a trait passed on from her mother, who also adored all things shoes. My mother, on the other hand, is not a shoe person. If it is practical and comfortable then it is just fine by her. This not how I roll. I am all about color! pattern! style! In the past it used to be the only cute shoes were also expensive. But now a days it is fairly easy to find adorable footgear for a decent price. I happened to notice an abundance of  shoes under fifty bucks at ModCloth, so I thought I would put together this round-up so I could share my finds with you! Happy shopping!

shoes under 50 bucks 3

Rose To The Occasion Flats (HERE)

shoes under 50 bucks 6

Accessorize To Fame Heel (HERE)

shoes under 50 8

Dance Instead Of Walking Heel in Grey (HERE) All other colors (HERE)

shoes under 50 7

Chic It Out Heel in Charcoal (HERE)

shoes under 50 4

Zeal Of Approval Heel (HERE)

shoes under 50 1.1

Seedless Romantic Flat in Black (HERE) and in Red (HERE) I own these and love them!

shoes under 50 5

Professorial Panache Flat (HERE)

shoes under 50 2

Ready To Impress Flat in Navy (HERE)

shoes under 50 10

A Day In Your Shoes Flat (HERE)

shoes under 50 9

Step Out To Study Flat in Brown (HERE) and Red (HERE)

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Monday, July 21

Inspired Summer #31: Find something positive about an activity you hate.

inspired summer

I am sure you have a chore that you can’t stand to do. Maybe it is cleaning the bathroom. Or laundry. Or cooking dinner. Or any of the other millions things we, as housewives, have to do. For me it is dishes. I loathe them. It just chaps my hide that I spend my time cooking a perfectly delicious meal only to have to turn around and clean it up. Plus there is all of that gross food sticking to the plates, and I have to get my hands wet….I could go on forever. Maya Angelou said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” I really try to live by this motto because nobody wants to be around a sourpuss all day. So when it comes to doing something I can’t stand, but also can’t change, I just do my best to change my attitude about it.

Instead of focusing on my resentment for having to clean up gross dishes, I try to think about how good it will feel to have a clean kitchen. Instead of being grossed out by the food, I wear a cute pair of kitchen gloves. I might even spend a little bit more money on a dish soap that I really adore because it smells sooooo good. I will put on some music and then do everything I can to try and enjoy the activity instead of complaining to myself about how much I hate it. By changing my perspective on a detested chore and doing what I can to make it more fun, I end up turning a negative into a positive. And that is something each and every one of us can do to help stay happier and less resentful at home.

For more on chores, please read my three part series on keeping a neat & tidy home.

Part 1: Have a regular cleaning schedule.

Part 2: Get the spouse and kids involved.

Part 3: Maintain, maintain, maintain. 

Sunday, July 20

8 Ways To Have A Good Marriage

good marriage

In August I will have been married a total of 14 years! I swear I never imagined I would last this long! I always joke with my husband that our marriage is based on non-communication and sheer laziness. I mean it takes effort to get divorced and ain’t nobody got time for that! I kid of course. I happen to have written an 8 part series about having a good marriage. I didn’t want to jinx anything and call it a ‘great’ marriage, and a mediocre marriage isn’t really what people what to read about. But a good marriage? That is something people can do! So here are my 8 tips on having a good marriage.

marriage 1


Part 1: Pick the right guy!

marriage mistakes

Part 2: Don’t make this marriage mistake

husband affection

Part 3: Men show their affection differently than women. 

good marriage 4

Part 4: Your husband isn’t you.

good marriage 5

Part 5: The power of words.

good marriage 6


Part 6: Stay interesting and passionate.


Part 7: Put your marriage first.


Part 8: Sometimes marriage is boring, and that’s ok!

Saturday, July 19

Inspired Summer #30

vintage tourist 1


When you live in place, often times you don’t end up really doing all things that make your hometown awesome. Oh sure, you might occasionally hit a few tourist areas, but for the most part I bet your days are spent doing normal activities like grocery shopping and running to the bank. So this weekend I want you to look at your city with new eyes. I want you to pretend this is your first time visiting and then hit all the attractions most people go to when touring your town. If you live in a large metropolis, this should be fairly easy. I know I have never taken the kids to Universal Studios, which is only about an hour away! But even if you live in a small town, I am sure there are some really cool places you haven’t visited in a while. Maybe there is a natural hot springs, or a really pretty hike, or a quaint main street where you live. Why not spend a day checking them out? I think it could be a lot of fun.

Friday, July 18

Dear Diary

quote 18

It is so much more important to be graceful than it is to be perfect, don’t you think? And I don’t mean graceful simply in movement, I mean beauty and elegance in manners, speech, and demeanor. Perfection is boring. Plus it can never really be achieved. But grace, ah grace, is obtainable. When we speak using kind words, when we are observant of others around us, and when we consciously choose to wear a smile on our face, we can truly be called graceful.

This Time Last Year

What’s In Store?

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1950s yellow embroidered party dress (HERE)


Hand painted vintage lucite earrings (HERE)


Vintage 1940s romper (HERE)

maddy james

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This blue bird

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