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Sunday, April 13

Cleaning The Bathroom Is Really Hard!

bathroom 1

The week before last was supposed to be a big week. I was going to get the whole house cleaned for Passover, aka: Spring Cleaning. I had a list a mile long of everything I wanted to accomplish. But the most important job on the list was my bathroom grout because it was filthy! I estimated it would take two hours. Three hours later I had only finished about a quarter of the floor! I realized that deep cleaning takes waaaaaaay longer than I thought possible. Unfortunately this set me back and I was kind of upset about it. But then I had a change of attitude and I thought it would be fun to do a video explaining everything. So I hope you enjoy my newest video:

For more pictures of my bathroom, click HERE For pictures of my whole house, click HERE.

Saturday, April 12

Why Don’t You


set your pin curls with rhinestone encrusted bobby pins?

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Friday, April 11

Dear Diary

my vintage vogue celanese-1937

Tired. So tired.

This week was spent in Palm Springs and ladies, it was hot! The kids had a wonderful time but by day 4 we were tuckered out so we decided to come home. Unfortunately Ariella, my 2 year old, didn’t sleep very well at all and her fits were coming closer together and lasting longer, so we all chose to cut the trip short by one day. The good news is she slept the whole night last night and seems to be much better. I, on the other hand, am exhausted! It might have been a vacation for the kids, but for my husband and I it was hard work! But we all had a wonderful time. I will write more about our trip next week.

While I was sunning in the desert, it was Wedding Week here on The Glamorous Housewife. I had so much fun putting together the wedding themed posts and I hope you all enjoyed reading them. Here they are, just in case you missed a few:

Weekly Links

Here are some of the things I have been looking at online:

What’s In Store?

Every week I choose the best of what my sponsors have in their Etsy stores. Here are this week’s picks:


A vintage floral dress with matching sweater. (HERE)


A perfect vintage dress to wear to a wedding this summer. (HERE)


I love red vintage wiggle dresses and this one is in perfect condition. Never been worn! (HERE)


I am obsessed with the green and gold fabric on this vintage dress (HERE)


Adore these vintage earrings with rhinestones. They would go with pretty much any outfit. (HERE)


Also be sure to stop by my boutique. I peruse the internet for the best of classic and retro designs and bring them to you. (HERE)

I hope you all have a glamorous weekend!

Thursday, April 10

From House To Home: Combining Two Households With Ease

combining households 1

It’s wedding week here on The Glamorous Housewife, and even though my level of expertise is not necessarily weddings, I do have some decor advice for the subject!

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Thursday, April 10

What To Wear To A Spring/Summer Wedding

vintage inspired dress

I love going to weddings! First of all I enjoy celebrating any two people finding love. Then you have the gourmet food, the cocktails, the flowers, and the dancing! I love to dance and don’t get to do it as much as I would like. But mostly I just need any excuse to put on a gorgeous new gown. I put together a round-up of my favorite dresses that I think are perfect for the upcoming season. You will notice they are all brightly colored. That is because I don’t really like wearing a black dress at a wedding. Oh sure, there are plenty of people who wear them, and I think it is an acceptable choice. But for something as lighthearted as a wedding, I think it is better to go with a color instead the dreariness of black.

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