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Saturday, October 18

Halloween Wrap Up

halloween ghost

Halloween is kind of a big deal here at Chez Glamour. My husband and I have a background in the movies (I was in wardrobe and he was a set builder) so we like to team up for Halloween and decorate the front of the house in spooky themes. Then I get my craft on by decorating the inside of the home and making fun decorative items. I know I have a lot of new readers who have probably missed these posts from the past, so I thought I would put them together so you can enjoy the ghosts of Halloween! 

Be sure to check back later in the week for this year’s Halloween decorations. The theme is “Mad Scientist”!


A Pirate’s Curse 


My Spooktacular Living Room


A Witch’s Feast 


Halloween Decor With A Little Glamour 


Halloween Wreath DIY 


Easy Halloween Craft (For Adults)

Friday, October 17


quote 42 

A few weeks ago in my newsletter I spoke about making changes in your life and I wanted to continue that topic by discussing how it can feel “fake” when you first make a change in your life and how that shouldn’t deter you from what your goal is. 

Just because you are trying something new doesn’t mean you are “fake” or “pretending” to be something you are not. You are simply at the beginning stage of becoming more of who you are, not less. Today’s  newsletter video expounds on this issue, so be sure to sign up to my weekly newsletter so you can see more on this topic.




Every week I go through my sponsor’s stores and pick out my favorite items. Here are this week’s choices:


Beaded Twinset Sweater 


Black Clutch with Rhinestone Clasp


Pub Crawl Pants


Making Bead Jewelry Decorative Accessories 

 Have a glamorous weekend!

Thursday, October 16

In Search Of A Glamorous Life

glamorous life

Five and a half years ago I was at a crossroads in my life. I had just shut down an unsuccessful boy’s clothing company that I founded and absolutely loved. It was devastating, akin to a divorce or death because I knew I would never be able to go back to it. This was at the end of 2008, when the American economy was devastated by the bursting housing bubble and hundreds of thousands of people were losing their jobs. Even if I had wanted to get another job I wouldn’t have been able to find one because there were none to be had. So by default I became a stay-at-home wife and mother.

I love my husband and kids, and there were some things I enjoyed about it, namely cooking and decorating. But the vast majority of my time was spent doing the mundane everyday chores that all homemakers attend to such as running errands, cleaning, organizing, scheduling, and making sure the home is running smoothly. Boring! I was already in a funk because I felt like a failure due to having to close my beloved company and was facing the daily drudgery of running a home.

My identity had been that of a fashion designer and entrepreneur, and now I was “just” a housewife. Not only was I a housewife, but I was a housewife who hated her job! There was no creativity involved, no inspiration! I felt like a glorified maid and cook who didn’t even get paid. I had always prided myself on being an interesting woman and now I had nothing to talk about at dinner parties. Before I shut down my company I was always learning new things about business because I made a point to stay up to date by reading the newspaper and books. I felt like I worked hard and was fulfilled as a person because I managed to balance my home life and work life fairly well. I took risks which kept me excited throughout the days and made sure I continued to engage and support my friends because connecting with people is something that makes me happy.

glamorous life 2

But after I walked away I fell into a fairly deep depression. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I stopped reading books because why bother? I was “only” a housewife. I stopped taking risks because the most interesting uncertainty in my new line of work was trying out a new cleaning product. I even stopped hanging out with my friends because I had nothing interesting to say. Who wants to hear about how I reorganized my pantry? Nobody.

Eventually my husband took notice of my malaise. He sat me down and said I needed to break out of my funk. I had become boring, which as far as I was concerned was the meanest thing a person could say to me. I had always prided myself on being an interesting woman, and here I was, a shell of my former self. But his concern helped me snap out of it.

I started by going to an exercise class that a friend of mine taught three times a week. It wasn’t much, but at least I was getting out of the house. I also really took stock of what made me happy and fulfilled as a person and figured out how I could incorporate those things into my new life as a homemaker. I decided to start a blog detailing my transformation and that blog is the one you are currently reading: The Glamorous Housewife. Slowly but surely I ended up creating the life I now lead- a life full of inspiration and glamour!

Because it has been five years and over 1,300 posts, I thought I would distill what I have learned about becoming a more interesting woman into a twenty part series so you too can be inspired to become a glamorous housewife. In this series I will be going more into depth on many different aspects of creating a compelling life, one filled with creativity and passion. Most importantly I will be teaching you how to let go of the stereotype I had that being a housewife was a worthless and thankless profession. Now I believe being a homemaker is an incredibly interesting and exciting job and I wake up every morning thrilled to be able to say with pride that I am The Glamorous Housewife!

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