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Monday, September 16

Fashion Of The 1940’s: Part 2

1940s fashion

You can see Part 1 HERE.

When I thought of this whole series, I knew I wanted to go to various locations in Los Angeles that best represented each period. You have already seen the Deco buildings in my 1920’s post and my 1930’s post. But then in the 1940’s, construction slowed way down because of the war. Most buildings that were built in the 1940’s were actually made with a Deco or Moderne style. So I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Then in my research I found out the Watts Towers were built from 1921-1954. I figured this would count so off I went to look at what ended up being a breathtaking example of human tenacity.

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Monday, September 9

1930’s Fashion

1930s fashion 1.2

It is 1930’s week here on The Glamorous Housewife, and I thought I would start things off with a fashion post. As I said in my 1920’s fashion post, I am much more of a 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s kinda gal. But I do enjoy the bias cut and draped gowns of the 1930’s.

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Tuesday, September 3

1920’s Fashion

1920s fashion 1.1

I have a confession: I don’t much like the 1920’s. It just doesn’t speak to me. Well, that isn’t entirely true. I don’t care for the fashions, mainly due to the drop waists so prevalent at the time. But I love Art Deco, especially when it comes to certain pieces of furniture and architecture.

1920s fashion 15

As I was researching the style of the 1920’s I noticed there was quite a bit of modern fashion that has been interpreted through the aesthetic of the 1920’s. I am guessing this is mainly due to the popularity of The Great Gatsby movie. Actually I saw a lot more flapper inspired fashion earlier in the year, right when the movie came out. Now the trend is dying out. But of course there will always be garments reminiscent of the decade, you just have to know what to look for.

1920s fashion 6

As I mentioned before, a dropped waist is the most significant symbol of the 1920’s, at least where fashion is concerned. Women were starting to loosen their corsets, both figuratively and literally and with this freedom, the hourglass shape was lost. This is the main reason I don’t like the fashions of this decade- I just don’t look good in a drop waist. But as I was looking at all the gorgeous gowns the ladies of the period wore, I definitely got inspired by some of their garments. For example the sweater I am wearing (here) is from Anthropologie, but if you look at sweaters in the ’20’s you will see there is a similarity in the cut- long bell sleeves and the hem ends around the thighs. Though a straighter skirt would have been more appropriate for a true Deco look, I didn’t have any in my wardrobe, so I settled for a fuller skirt.

1920s fashion 4

Though I don’t prefer the clothing of the 1920’s, the accessories are fantastic! I mean check out those shoes (here)! If those aren’t reminiscent of Gatsby, I don’t know what is!

1920s fashion 2

Seriously, aren’t they gorgeous?

1920s fashion 14

One of the cooler aspects to living in Los Angeles, is even though we don’t have much history, the history we do have is very glamorous! We still have quite a few stunning examples of Art Deco buildings, including this one which is in the city of Burbank and was built for and is still used as their city hall.

1920s fashion 17

I thought it would be fun to do this photo shoot in a location that was reminiscent of the 1920’s and this building exceeded all of my expectations.

1920s fashion 13

1920s fashion 8

1920s fashion 11

1920s fashion 9

1920s fashion 10

As I was taking photos a man asked if I would like to see the not open to the public mural located in the chambers. Um, yes!

1920s fashion 12

Isn’t it glorious? It had recently been restored and was just breathtaking to behold.

1920s fashion 3

I end this post with a look-book full of modern garments that I think have a similar style to the fashion of the 1920’s. I attempted to organize it by outfits, so you can see how I would put together an ensemble using Deco components to look vintage and glamorous but not costumey.

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