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Wednesday, May 21

3 Glamorous & Casual Outfits

casual outfit 2.1

One of the drawbacks of being a blogger, especially with a focus on fashion, is I end up purchasing most of the outfits I virtually create. For example, I did this post a few weeks ago and liked so many of the items, I decided I had to have them in my closet! So I put together a video which details how I would wear my new threads which you can see HERE.

Click HERE for new video!

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Tuesday, April 22

The Perfect Party Dress

trashy diva 6.1

Ladies, I am thrilled to show you the most beautiful party dress in my closet. I received it via Trashy Diva (HERE) and it is just about the most beautiful thing I have ever worn. The color? Perfection. The fabric? Exquisite. The vintage styling? Stunning. Let me show you what I mean:

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Thursday, April 3

Glamorous Eccentric: Debi Mazar

debi mazar 7

Today I am going to introduce you ladies to one of the most glamorous people you might not have heard of: Debi Mazar. Debi is an American actress who is married to an Italian rock star and they have a cooking show called “Extra Virgin” which teaches the viewers how to cook in the Tuscan style. I am totally obsessed with it, not only because the food is delectable, the husband is dreamy, but also because Debi has the most amazing vintage and retro inspired wardrobe I have ever seen!

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