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Monday, October 20

Be Glad Be Plaid


I know everyone is all into pumpkin spice when autumn comes, but personally I love the fact that I can wear plaid again! Just as I would never drink a pumpkin spice latte in May, so too would I never wear plaid between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There are just some things that I like to keep for the season. Ok, that isn’t entirely true. I do have one plaid summer dress, but I usually don’t break it out until late in August when I am so sick of the heat and I am longing for fall. Here in Southern California, some of our hottest months are September and October, so a plaid sundress actually gets a lot of use around here. 

If you are like me and adore all things plaid, then this is the round-up post for you! I have put together the best plaid fall fashions, which even includes some shoes and other accessories! Check them out: 


Lady Love Song Dress 


Plaid Bobby Set 


Draped Plaid Top 


Manolo Plaid Pointy Toe Pump 


So Plaid You’re Mine Skirt 


Thurloe Bag 


Diagonal Plaid Top


Bistro Pant


Plaid Your Own Touch Dress


Pops of Plaid Heel


Day Trip Delight Dress 


Lallans Plaid Tee


Plaid Midi Skirt 


Richmond Bag


Speckled Plaid Skirt 



‘Celia’ Pointy Toe Flat 


‘Mark’ It Plaid Tote 

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Sunday, October 12

26 Fall Shoes Under $50


I might have a tiny problem when it comes to shoes. I adore them, and yet in a terrible twist of fate, I also have horrible feet so there are very few pairs of shoes that are comfortable for more than thirty minutes. For some reason I have found the shoes that fit me best are either quite expensive, or fairly cheap! So even though I have dozens of expensive shoes, I am always on the lookout for cute pairs that are under fifty bucks. Here are 26 pairs that have caught my eye. 


Under $50-19

Zeal of Approval Heel 

  Under $50-15

Chic it Out Heel 

Under $50-25

Paving Grace Heel 

Under $50-6

Sincerely Irresistable Heel 

Under $50-17

Accessorize to Fame Heel 

Under $50-10

Strawberry Scones Heel 

Under $50-9

Cheer to Stay Heel 

Under $50-11

Dynamic Debut Heel

Under $50-5

Memorable Moves Heel 

Under $50-13

Currant Scones Heel

Under $50-21

‘S Marvelous Heel

Under $50-24

Patent Office Heel 

Under $50-3

Professional with Personality Heel

Under $50-1

Timeless of My Life Heel

Under $50-23

Hep in Your Step Heel

Under $50-7

Reuniting With Friends Heel in Navy 


Under $50-8

Triple the Cute Wedge 

Under $50-22

Mellow Mantra Sandal 

Under $50-16

Step Out to Study Flat

Under $50-12

Prance as You Please Flat

Under $50-2

Commuter Genius 

Under $50-4

Unmatched Charm Flat

Under $50-18

Of Your Own Accordion Flat 

Under $50-20

Counting Fireflies Flat

Under $50-26

Navigating the Neighborhood Flat

Under $50-14

Defined the Scenes Flat 

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Monday, October 6

Classic Glamorous

  classic glamour 1.1

Ladies, I have sad news. This will be my final installment of classic fashion. For the past six weeks I have been going through each of the different categories of classic women and finding fall fashion that both explains and inspires each category. I decided to end with classic glamour because it is by far the most fantastical of all the classic women and more often than not, classic glamour isn’t defined by what a woman wears but how she wears it.

If you missed any of my five other classic women posts, you can click on them below:

classic glamour 2

This is a perfect example of classic glamour. This woman is just oozing elegance and I don’t know about you, but I think she looks magnificent! But look closely and you will see her outfit is just a simple red circle skirt, a sheer black blouse, and sky high heels. There really isn’t anything remarkable about her specific garments. Now look at the whole picture again. You can’t help but think this woman is glamour personified! This is how glamour is more of an idea than an actual set of fabulous garments. 

classic glamour 4

That isn’t to say there aren’t any parameters for classic glamour. Obviously anything bejeweled, embroidered, or very expensive looking can be considered classic glamour. As a girl who never met a sequin she didn’t like, I would say I definitely have an affinity for classic glamour style. Due to my stay at home lifestyle I don’t get to wear it as often as I like, but when I dress up my look is decidedly glamorous. What else would you expect from a glamorous housewife? 

Please enjoy my fall round-up of classic glamorous items. This one was a difficult one for me because I seriously want to buy every single thing listed! 

Glam 11

Scenic Route Statement Necklace 

Glam 3

Petaluma Skirt 

Glam 9

Roxie Glitter Suede Pumps

Glam 5

Gem Pearl Earrings

Glam 1

Embellished Sweater

Glam 24

Stiletto Sisterhood Heel 

Glam 2

Dancing Gleam Heel  

Glam 6

Crystal Honeybee Necklace 

Glam 19

Ravine Flared Dress

Glam 16

Sequin of Light Top

Glam 8  

Mermaid Glitter Pumps 

Glam 17

Fluttered Fleur Dress 

Glam 7


Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace 

Glam 21

Maxine Pearl Necklace

Glam 22

Deborah Skirt 

  Glam 14

Crystal Stud Earrings 

  Glam 15

Loving the Limelight Dress

Glam 23

Hello Shanghai Milan 

Glam 12

Brogan Bow Satin Pumps 

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