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Monday, August 18

Transitional Florals


The dog days of summer are upon us, but fashion is moving quickly into fall and winter. I happened to be in Bloomingdales the other day and the sales racks of summer stock had been picked clean and the mannequins were decked out in jewel tones and black. So much black! Now I happen to adore ebony and wear it quite often but not until at least October or November. Around here our summer lasts well into what everyone else considers autumn, which means I am still sporting my cute dresses until Halloween! I am not ready to give up on summer quite yet. To that end I decided the best thing to buy right now would be some of the transitional florals I have been spying in the stores. Here is a round-up of some of my faves! 

Rosado Sheath 

Paper Dolls Midi Skirt with Peplum Hem 

Louche Hydie Dress 

Pixel Plaid Sheath 

Floral skirt 8

Jo Midi Skirt 

Floral dress 11

“Glitch” Floral Fit and Flare Dress 

Floral dress 12

Abigail Dress 

Floral Dress 16

Roll Collar Dress 

Floral dress 10

All Occasion Pass Dress 

Floral dress 9

Floral Scuba Midi Skirt 

Floral dress 5

Everywhere You Glow Dress

Floral dress 6

Print Stretch Midi Dress

Floral dress 7

Scoop Neck Floral Fit & Flare Dress

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Monday, August 11

Taste The Rainbow


Ladies let’s talk SHOES!

Just because it’s August and we are transitioning from summer to fall doesn’t mean you need to store away your eccentric colored shoes, or even refrain from purchasing yourself a pair of new rainbow brights.

I have found several fall shoe styles in colors that are perfect for this time of year. Doesn’t a pair of vibrant orange suede pumps clearly scream “wear me now“!

Here are a few colorful inspired shoe selections for you to wear now and well into the cold winter months ahead. CAUTION: Manolo’s may be included. 

Colored shoe 10

Can-Can I Kick It Heel (HERE)

Colored shoe 3

‘Glory’ Pointy Toe Pump (HERE)

Colored shoe 8

Me Too Ballet Flat (HERE) 

Colored shoe 4

‘S Marvelous Heel (Here)

Colored shoe 1

Hangisi Satin Pump

Colored shoe 5

Luster Peep Toe Pump (HERE)

Colored shoe 2

Ferragamo Vara Bow Patent Pump (HERE)

Colored shoe 6

In a Classic of It’s Own Heel (HERE)

Colored shoe 9

Strutting Your Stuff  Heel (HERE)

Colored shoes 7

Dynamic Debut Heel (HERE)


Dance Instead Of Walking (HERE)

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Monday, August 4

9 Shades of White

9 shades of white

By Talita Silva

Ladies it’s that time of year again! August brings the end of summer which means white parties and Labor Day festivities.  Perhaps you’re the type of person who traditionally likes to play by the “no white after Labor Day” rule, so purchasing a new white outfit to wear one time may not be as practical as you would like it to be. But really what is the standard shade of “white” these days? Can’t colors like champagne, cream, off white, beige, winter white, and white with hints of color fall under this frosty category? If you love classic white as much as I do, here are nine lovely frocks to celebrate summer and the beginning of fall.

Summer Whites 10

Palido Mesh Dress (HERE)

Summer Whites 11

Seaside Ceremony Dress (HERE)

Summer Whites 15

Print Fit and Flare Dress (HERE)

Summer Whites 12

Have the Dance Floor Dress (HERE)

Summer Whites 8

Too Much Fun Dress (HERE)

Summer Whites 9

Brilliant Butter Cream Dress (HERE)

Summer Whites 13

Straight Up Sophistication Dress (HERE)

Summer Whites 7

Main Street Mosey Dress (HERE)

Summer Whites 14

Kiss Come True Dress (HERE)

Monday, July 28

Nautical Fashion

nautical fashion

I just adore nautical fashion. I think it is so classic and chic, plus it usually consists of my favorite colors to wear. I also think it is a perfect look for the dog days of summer and into the early fall. Here are a few items I’ve been thinking about purchasing. 

nautical fashion 1.jpg

Dreamy Drift Dress (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 9

Fresh Striped Shirt (HERE) Nautical Fashion 4

Cartography Course Ring (HERE) Nautical Fashion 7

Sailorette the Seas Shorts (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 6

Dare to Be Different Dress (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 2

Just Follow Me Necklace (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 3.jpg

Skimming the Shore Skirt (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 8

Cruise to Cute Top (Here)

Nautical Fashion 7.jpg

Sailorette the Seas Jeans (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 5

Too Much Fun Dress (HERE)

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Sunday, July 27

8 Steps To The Perfect Vintage Wardrobe

flattering clothing1

A few years ago I came out with my Vintage 101 series. I wanted to explain how I created a vintage wardrobe and how you can do it as well. In the past few years I have moved away from specifically vintage clothing into a more ‘classic’ silhouette, so the last two articles are about the difference between a vintage and classic look and then the definition of more classic styles. I have now added a few new definitions to my classic styles which is something I am sharing in the new book I am writing! There will even be a quiz so you can figure out which category you fit into. In the meanwhile, feel free to peruse my vintage wardrobe advice because I think a lot of it can be inspiring for any woman who wants to look and feel beautiful in their day to day lives. 


Here is the introduction into changing your clothing into a vintage inspired wardrobe. It includes a checklist of vintage basics you will need.


In order to dress more retro, you need to understand the simple silhouettes of each time period. Here are the basic breakdowns of the looks from the 40s through the 60s. 

vintage wardrobe basics 2

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to dress in a vintage style. Though the garments shown are a few years old, you can see the looks are timeless.

summer essentials

This expands on the basics for summer.


This explains what you will need for your Fall/Winter wardrobe. The items shown are old, but the information is still useful.


In this video I show you how to put together some of your basics to create multiple looks for different occasions.


Ever wondered what the difference was between vintage and classic style? This article attempts to discuss the similarities and differences.


Which kind of classic woman are you

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