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Monday, September 1

Fall Fashion: Classic Simple

classic simple 1.1

Earlier this year I wrote a post about the 4 different types of classic women: Modern, Preppy, Vintage, and Glamorous. I have since added two more types: Simple and Bohemian. This idea of separating classic style into categories came about when I was pondering what the difference was between a classic look and vintage look. I realized that many women dress in a classic way, but with a twist. For me that twist is usually in the vintage category though I often fall into the preppy and bohemian looks as well. I also came to the conclusion that many clothing items can be placed in almost all the categories, it just depends on how you wear them! For the next six weeks I will be going over each type of classic woman in more detail and include a list of suggested items for the fall. Enjoy!

classic simple 2

So what is the definition of “classic-simple”? This is essentially wearing classic basics in one outfit without much in the way of embellishment. I would venture to say that pretty much every woman has worn classic-simple outfits. Heck even Dita Von Teese, the epitome of “classic-glamour”, ventures into classic-simple from time to time (seen below). Personally I subscribe to a closet with a well curated set of basics and then I add in the pieces that give my outfits some pizzazz. 

classic simple 5

Normally I would say Dita falls into the classic glamour category but in the above outfit she has toned it down and with the exception of the purse, her outfit is quite normal! I often wear something similar in my day to day life and consider a full skirt with a tee shirt one of my uniforms. Because the world is so casual these days, just the addition of a skirt can take your outfit from the mundane to the sublime! You would be shocked at how people view a skirt as “fancy” even though they are usually way more comfortable than pants! 

classic simple 3

Classic-simple is an easy way to dress when you aren’t super into fashion but you want to look elegant and be comfortable at the same time. It is also a way to save money on your clothing because you are usually purchasing items that are not trend setting and therefore can be worn for years. Once of my favorite author/bloggers, Jennifer L. Scott of The Daily Connoisseur  is a perfect example of someone who is classic-simple. She has a 10 piece wardrobe that is heavily edited so each item is timeless, classic, and easily worn while taking care of two young girls. For more about her style and her 10 Item philosophy, check out her amazing YouTube channel HERE

classic simple 4

I decided to start this series with classic-basic because it is the beginning of the fall fashion season and there are a lot of wonderful items to choose from that will last for  along time. The following suggestions aren’t flashy, but they are essential to a wardrobe because if you have them in your closet you will always have something chic to wear at any given time. 

Classic Simple 5

Date Night in Paris Dress 

Classic Simple 4

Stripe Ballet Tee

Classic Simple 8

Composed Commute Skirt 

Classic Simple 6

I love Your Dress in Plum

Classic Simple 2

Cashmere Audrey Sweater 

Classic Simple

Seasonless Wool Pencil Skirt 

Classic Simple 3

Weekend Cotton Graphic Stripes Tee

Classic Simple 7

Early Morning Dewdrops Dress

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Monday, August 18

Transitional Florals


The dog days of summer are upon us, but fashion is moving quickly into fall and winter. I happened to be in Bloomingdales the other day and the sales racks of summer stock had been picked clean and the mannequins were decked out in jewel tones and black. So much black! Now I happen to adore ebony and wear it quite often but not until at least October or November. Around here our summer lasts well into what everyone else considers autumn, which means I am still sporting my cute dresses until Halloween! I am not ready to give up on summer quite yet. To that end I decided the best thing to buy right now would be some of the transitional florals I have been spying in the stores. Here is a round-up of some of my faves! 

Rosado Sheath 

Paper Dolls Midi Skirt with Peplum Hem 

Louche Hydie Dress 

Pixel Plaid Sheath 

Floral skirt 8

Jo Midi Skirt 

Floral dress 11

“Glitch” Floral Fit and Flare Dress 

Floral dress 12

Abigail Dress 

Floral Dress 16

Roll Collar Dress 

Floral dress 10

All Occasion Pass Dress 

Floral dress 9

Floral Scuba Midi Skirt 

Floral dress 5

Everywhere You Glow Dress

Floral dress 6

Print Stretch Midi Dress

Floral dress 7

Scoop Neck Floral Fit & Flare Dress

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Monday, August 11

Taste The Rainbow


Ladies let’s talk SHOES!

Just because it’s August and we are transitioning from summer to fall doesn’t mean you need to store away your eccentric colored shoes, or even refrain from purchasing yourself a pair of new rainbow brights.

I have found several fall shoe styles in colors that are perfect for this time of year. Doesn’t a pair of vibrant orange suede pumps clearly scream “wear me now“!

Here are a few colorful inspired shoe selections for you to wear now and well into the cold winter months ahead. CAUTION: Manolo’s may be included. 

Colored shoe 10

Can-Can I Kick It Heel (HERE)

Colored shoe 3

‘Glory’ Pointy Toe Pump (HERE)

Colored shoe 8

Me Too Ballet Flat (HERE) 

Colored shoe 4

‘S Marvelous Heel (Here)

Colored shoe 1

Hangisi Satin Pump

Colored shoe 5

Luster Peep Toe Pump (HERE)

Colored shoe 2

Ferragamo Vara Bow Patent Pump (HERE)

Colored shoe 6

In a Classic of It’s Own Heel (HERE)

Colored shoe 9

Strutting Your Stuff  Heel (HERE)

Colored shoes 7

Dynamic Debut Heel (HERE)


Dance Instead Of Walking (HERE)

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