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Monday, November 24

29 Jeweled Tones

jewel tones winter 2014

As a SoCal woman, I am not very fond of winter. We don’t get terribly cold around here, but we also aren’t blessed with the beautiful snow, enchanting frost, and all the fun things that go along with it like warm gloves, glamorous coats, and snugly woolen scarves. The one thing we do get to do is have fun dressing in winter jewel tones! I happen to adore all colors of jewels, especially emerald green, deep teal, and bright gold! There is just something so elegant and refined about jewel tones, don’t you think? I put together this list of all the jewel tones I was being inspired by and thought you ladies might find something for your wardrobe as well. Which one is your favorite? 

jeweled tone-20

Envious of Emerald Earrings

Jeweled tone-1

Sienna Silk Trousers 

jeweled tone-21

Strutting Satin Heel 

jeweled tone-10

Feeling Debut-tiful Cardigan

jeweled tone-24

Drops of Juniper Dress

  Jeweled tone-7

Charter School Cardigan 

  jeweled tone-16

A Latte to Love Dress 

  jeweled tone-17

Mirror, Career, on the Wall Skirt 

Jeweled tone-3

Celeste Dress 

jeweled tone-25

Dancing Gleam Heel 

jeweled tone-8

Thrilled to the Brim Dress 

jeweled tone-6

Two-Tone to Tango Bag 

jeweled tone-18

Compliments to your Moxie Dress

jeweled tone-28

I’m Sew Excited Heel 

jeweled tone-9

Off With a Stunning Start Dress

Jeweled tone-2


Ribboned Wool Wide-Legs

jeweled tone-14

Luck Be a Lady Dress 

jeweled tone-27

A Certain Aplomb Dress 

jeweled tone-23

Bead By Example Top 

jeweled tone-19

Alright, Berry On! Tote 

jeweled tone-29

Party-ready, Set, Go Top 

jeweled tone-22

Unparalleled Panache Dress 

  jeweled tone-11

Wild and Dine Coat 

jeweled tone-5

Boiled Wool Wrap Jacket 

jeweled tone-4


Crescent Street Buttondown 

jeweled tone-12

I’ll Have The Usual Skirt in Red 

jeweled tone-26

Charming By Nature Skirt 

jeweled tone-15

Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt  

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Monday, November 17

20 Must Have Leopard Print Items

  leopard print

It was Jenna Lyons who said, “as far as I am concerned, leopard print is a neutral” and I would happily agree with her. It has taken me a long time to admire leopard print because it is so often done badly, but when worn as a classy accent, I think it can take an otherwise boring outfit into chic-ville. At the moment I only have two leopard print items, a pair of Miss L. Fire shoes from a few seasons ago, and a pair of new leopard print flats from Anthropologie, seen as the last picture on this round-up. For some reason every time I wear them I just feel so sassy and invincible! Almost like the leopard herself. Please enjoy this collection of leopard printed items.


Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat 


Guilhermina Asymmetric Leopard Pumps


‘Kira’ Crossbody Bag 


Audrey Pencil Dress 

25 Days Of Holiday Inspiration!

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‘Isadora’ Intarsia Knit Sweater 


Leopard Print Utility Blouse 


Leopard Pants 


Calf Hair Belt 


French Immersion Hat 


Leopard Ombre Scarf 


‘Leopard Ikat’ iphone Case


Need I say Roar? Undies


Plush Leopard Pattern Robe 


Leopard Zipper Sweatshirt 


Mini Leopard Print Jacquard Pencil Skirt 


Print Long Sleeve Scuba Sheath Dress 


Leopard  Alice Band with Ribbon Tie 


Stealth and Stylish Dress 


Burnished Leopard Belt 


Leopard Wave Flats 

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Monday, November 10

18 Thanksgiving Day Dresses

thanksgiving dress


Many of you know this already, but for those of you who are new, my background is in costume design. Yes ladies, I used to shop as a living! Of course costume design was more than just picking out pretty clothing. There was character development, seasonal issues, and of course, a tight budget. Due to the fact I have a degree in costume design, I sometimes have the habit of wanting to dress myself as a sort of character- namely as “The Glamorous Housewife”. This leads me to finding the perfect outfit for certain situations. For example, a few years ago I found a dress that was the ultimate picnic dress and I wear it every time I go to a barbecue. I do the same thing for Thanksgiving. You can see one dress I wore  for the past few years ago here. Because it has been a few years I decided I wanted to get a new dress for Thanksgiving, so here is a round-up of my favorite choices.


Rowena Sheath 


Firebloom Sheath 


About The Artist Dress 


Boatneck Chiffon Shift Dress 


Janie Swing Dress 


Loopstitch Flared Dress


Sequin Shimmer Tunic Dress 


Ruched Connelles Dress 

Resource Guide: Are you prepared for Thanksgiving this year? Check out my FREE Thanksgiving For Beginners Guide HERE!


Too Much Fun Dress In Feathers 


Pintura Silk Shift 


Roll Collar Dress 


Windowbox Shift 


Mysie Shift Dress 


Quilted Tema Dress 


Efflorescent Dress 


 Bloomabury Floral Print Midi Dress 


Lace Applique Floral Print Sheath Dress 


Rosalind Velvet Gown 

So what do you ladies think? Which one should I get? Do you wear a special dress or outfit for Thanksgiving or do you just find something you already own?

Speaking of Thanksgiving, you should check out my handy dandy…

Thanksgiving Resource Guide 

With the holiday of Thanksgiving coming up I thought I would put together a resource guide on how to plan and throw a successful Thanksgiving dinner. Here is what is included:

  • How to throw a dinner party 101
  • Menu planning
  • Thanksgiving table ideas
  • Easy make-ahead recipes
  • And more!

So be sure to click HERE and check it out. If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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