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Monday, July 28

Nautical Fashion

nautical fashion

I just adore nautical fashion. I think it is so classic and chic, plus it usually consists of my favorite colors to wear. I also think it is a perfect look for the dog days of summer and into the early fall. Here are a few items I’ve been thinking about purchasing. 

nautical fashion 1.jpg

Dreamy Drift Dress (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 9

Fresh Striped Shirt (HERE) Nautical Fashion 4

Cartography Course Ring (HERE) Nautical Fashion 7

Sailorette the Seas Shorts (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 6

Dare to Be Different Dress (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 2

Just Follow Me Necklace (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 3.jpg

Skimming the Shore Skirt (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 8

Cruise to Cute Top (Here)

Nautical Fashion 7.jpg

Sailorette the Seas Jeans (HERE)

Nautical Fashion 5

Too Much Fun Dress (HERE)

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Sunday, July 27

8 Steps To The Perfect Vintage Wardrobe

flattering clothing1

A few years ago I came out with my Vintage 101 series. I wanted to explain how I created a vintage wardrobe and how you can do it as well. In the past few years I have moved away from specifically vintage clothing into a more ‘classic’ silhouette, so the last two articles are about the difference between a vintage and classic look and then the definition of more classic styles. I have now added a few new definitions to my classic styles which is something I am sharing in the new book I am writing! There will even be a quiz so you can figure out which category you fit into. In the meanwhile, feel free to peruse my vintage wardrobe advice because I think a lot of it can be inspiring for any woman who wants to look and feel beautiful in their day to day lives. 


Here is the introduction into changing your clothing into a vintage inspired wardrobe. It includes a checklist of vintage basics you will need.


In order to dress more retro, you need to understand the simple silhouettes of each time period. Here are the basic breakdowns of the looks from the 40s through the 60s. 

vintage wardrobe basics 2

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to dress in a vintage style. Though the garments shown are a few years old, you can see the looks are timeless.

summer essentials

This expands on the basics for summer.


This explains what you will need for your Fall/Winter wardrobe. The items shown are old, but the information is still useful.


In this video I show you how to put together some of your basics to create multiple looks for different occasions.


Ever wondered what the difference was between vintage and classic style? This article attempts to discuss the similarities and differences.


Which kind of classic woman are you

Monday, July 21

More Shoes Under 50 Bucks: Summer Transition

shoes under 50.1

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will already know my deep and abiding love of shoes. My mother says this is a trait passed on from her mother, who also adored all things shoes. My mother, on the other hand, is not a shoe person. If it is practical and comfortable then it is just fine by her. This not how I roll. I am all about color! pattern! style! In the past it used to be the only cute shoes were also expensive. But now a days it is fairly easy to find adorable footgear for a decent price. I happened to notice an abundance of  shoes under fifty bucks at ModCloth, so I thought I would put together this round-up so I could share my finds with you! Happy shopping!

shoes under 50 bucks 3

Rose To The Occasion Flats (HERE)

shoes under 50 bucks 6

Accessorize To Fame Heel (HERE)

shoes under 50 8

Dance Instead Of Walking Heel in Grey (HERE) All other colors (HERE)

shoes under 50 7

Chic It Out Heel in Charcoal (HERE)

shoes under 50 4

Zeal Of Approval Heel (HERE)

shoes under 50 1.1

Seedless Romantic Flat in Black (HERE) and in Red (HERE) I own these and love them!

shoes under 50 5

Professorial Panache Flat (HERE)

shoes under 50 2

Ready To Impress Flat in Navy (HERE)

shoes under 50 10

A Day In Your Shoes Flat (HERE)

shoes under 50 9

Step Out To Study Flat in Brown (HERE) and Red (HERE)

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Tuesday, July 8

It’s Summer Sale Time!

summer sale

July is commonly known for pools and picnics, beaches and barbecues. But did you know it is also the month full of summer sales? Because the retail stores still run on ancient calenders, autumn clothing starts being delivered in August, therefore the summer inventory has got to go. Here are some of the items I think are the best buys right now.

summer sale 5

I am shocked that this dress (HERE) is on sale. Why? Because it seriously looks fantastic on many different body shapes. Want proof? Click HERE. You will see that two of my friends tried this dress on in two different states at exactly the same time and they both purchased it because it looked amazing on them. And let me assure you, they have completely different body types.

summer sale 3

I find summer sales are a great time to stock up on basics, like this tee shirt (HERE). I have the boatneck version of this shirt and I buy them by the half dozen. They wash really well and maintain their shape for about a year. Not bad for the price!

summer sale 1

Speaking of basics, how cute are these eyelet skirts (HERE)? You can buy this now and wear it until it falls apart because this shape and fabric will never go out of style.

summer sale 8

This fun, brightly colored striped dress (HERE) reminds me of the skirt Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex & The City (HERE). Want to hear a random story about that skirt? It is actually a Nanette Lepore dress and it was a sample. For some reason when it was supposed to go to production they couldn’t get that fabric so it was never made. That is the only one of its kind in existence. I worked for Nanette Lepore at that time and had to take dozens of calls a day regarding that skirt, which is how I know about its history.

summer sale 4

Why hello lemon purse! So happy you are on sale! (HERE) Sometimes when I see something whimsical like this purse I have to purchase it on the spot. Other times I wait for that type of thing to go on sale. Now that it is marked down, I can’t think of a single reason not to buy it!

summer sale 7.1

I have this exact shirt (HERE) and love it. Though it looks really bulky at the bottom, it is actually pretty body conforming. I purchased the small and tucked it into a skirt with no problem. Also, just in case you were wondering, my bra doesn’t show through the cutouts at all!

PicMonkey Collage

I have this fabric in a dress (also on sale HERE) and adore it! It is so vintage chic! If you like this skirt (HERE) you should snap it up quickly because Boden tends to sell out fast once it goes on sale.

If you see anything you like and decided to click through, be sure to check out all of their sale items because there is a lot of really great stuff out there. I had a difficult time narrowing it down for this post.

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Wednesday, June 25

Beach Day with Heart Of Haute

heart of haute 1.1

Having lived in Southern California for practically my entire life, I have spent a lot of time at the beach, and yet I have never really done a beach photo shoot!  After receiving this gorgeous dress c/o Heart Of Haute, I realized that the shore was the perfect place to really demonstrate the gorgeous aspects of this lovely frock.

heart of haute 2.1

Isn’t it a beauty? I just adore the red, grey, and blue floral print, and the cut makes my boobs look quite perky! Bonus! I also like that the dress is 100% cotton because it breaths nicely, which is perfect if you live in a humid area.

heart of haute 4.1

I paired it with some funky rings and my ubiquitous sunglasses (sold out but similar here).

heart of haute 5.1

There is something so relaxing about watching the waves crash on the shore. I can feel my shoulders lift because the weight of my stresses seem so light when I am at the beach.

heart of haute 3.1

For fun I put together a little video of my day at the beach, which you can see HERE.

To purchase this dress and/or to see the rest of what Heart Of Haute has available, click HERE.

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