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Monday, September 22

Classic Preppy

classic preppy 1.1

Do you adore Kate Spade? Does plaid and polka dots make you swoon? If so then you are probably a classic preppy kind of girl! Even though I definitely consider myself a classic vintage, I have at least one foot firmly planted in classic preppy, especially when it comes to fall fashion. There just something so chic about pea coats, herringbone, and crisp button down shirts- all hallmarks of classic preppy.

classic preppy 6

As I have mentioned before, because all six categories of the classic woman are distilled from one main idea of classic style, there is a lot of overlap between styles. For example the above outfits could have been in the modern category because they feature the skinny jean and modern items. They could also be put in the classic simple category because these are very basic pieces. But I have put them in the classic preppy group specifically because of how they are styled. Classic prep is tailored, flattering, and usually sticks to solids, stripes, plaids, polka dots, and the occasional herringbone. I believe all of the above outfits are perfect for a stay at home mother who wants to look chic and be comfortable at the same time. 

classic preppy 3

Classic preppy can also look vintage depending on how you wear it. The outfit featured above could have just as easily been put in the classic vintage category, but I believe fits better here because a sweater set is very preppy, as are nubby pencil skirts and a button down shirt, especially when worn all together. 

classic preppy 2

If you love classic preppy as much as I do then you should be thrilled with the new fall clothing flooding the stores this season. Continue to scroll through to see some great wardrobe choices, including a few that I purchased for my own collection.

Prep 9

Deco Dot Crepe Top 

Prep 18

Well I’ll be Darling Plaid Dress

Prep 1

Majesty Peacoat

Prep 17

Wine Appreciation Sweater  

Prep 5

Plaid Skinny Jean 

Prep 8

Dog Park Party Sweater 

Prep 6

Leader of the Stacks Skirt 

  Prep 3

Leather-Trim Mixed Bomber Jacket

Prep 11

Harper Printed Flats 

Prep 7

Literary Lineup Cardigan 

Prep 15

Too Much Fun Plaid Dress 

Prep 14

Deco Dot Dorothy Coat 

Prep 10

Color Block V-Neck Cardigan

Prep 12

Printed Flats

Prep 13

 Ticker Talk Sweater 

Prep 2

Regent Blazer with Beaded Collar 


Thursday, September 18

3 Reasons To Tailor Your Clothing

trashy diva cherry dress 4.1

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that Trashy Diva is one of my favorite designers when it comes to clothing. I find their classic cuts to be both timeless and flattering, the two main things I am looking for when buying clothing. I also find their fabric selection to be excellent; the patterns are tasteful, the drape is body conscious but not too clingy, and the quality is equal to or better than anything I would purchase from a boutique. 

trashy diva cherry dress 1

Most of the time their size 8 fits me well enough that I don’t have to do any alterations, but this time I felt the shoulders needed to be taken in (something I almost always have to do with my dresses and tops) and I thought the hem was  bit longer than I would have liked. So I took it to my tailor to have it fixed.

trashy diva cherry dress 2

If you don’t have a tailor then let me give three reasons why you should be getting your clothing fitted to you.

  1. Tailoring is an excellent way to hide body imperfections. I read somewhere that the reason Joan Crawford wore such large shoulder pads was to give her athletic body more shape. With a little nip and tuck by your tailor you can look as if you had a nip and tuck by a doctor without the expense and recovery!
  2. Clothing that has been tailored fits you perfectly. I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but I swear not enough women seem to understand this. I know it is expensive to have a dress you just paid good money for to then be sewn to fit you when the clothing should fit you correctly in the first place. But with so many body types it just isn’t possible that everything you try on will fit you precisely. You know why stars look so much better in their clothing than you do? It is because everything they wear is tailored to their bodies!
  3. Which brings me to my last reason for tailoring. When you get something tailored and it hides your imperfections, accentuates your best assets, and makes you feel beautiful, that garment will last much longer than if you never took it in to be fitted properly. In the long term you will save money because you aren’t buying hundreds of dresses because you can’t find one that fits you just right.

trashy diva cherry dress 5

See the difference? 

trashy diva cherry dress 6

The hem no longer hits me at an awkward place. It now dangles just below my knee which is my favorite place for a hem to end. I think it shows off my gams without being too cheeky.

trashy diva cherry dress 7

The excess fabric has been taken out of the shoulders which gives my bust line a better shape. It makes me feel sexy, not saggy and dowdy. 

trashy diva cherry dress 9

The bill for the tailor was $45 dollars. Yes, I accept that is quite a bit of money to spend, but I also know that now this is my new favorite dress. I can wear it to the grocery store or out to dinner and I will feel so glamorous in it because it fits me perfectly.

trashy diva cherry dress 10

To purchase this dress, click HERE. I am wearing the Jayna dress and I also really liked the 40s Flutter Dress.

trashy diva cherry dress 8

If you are having a difficult time finding clothing that fits you correctly, maybe it is time to get a tailor who will fix your garments and give you a wardrobe that you love!

This post was sponsored by Trashy Diva. If you would like your product featured on The Glamorous Housewife, click HERE for more details.

Tuesday, September 16

Classic Vintage

classic vintage 1.1

When I first started thinking about classic fashion and what it meant, I wrote this post on the difference between classic fashion and vintage style. It’s a good read and I think it really conveys what I believe about dressing for one’s self and how you don’t have to dress in a vintage style to be a glamorous housewife. This is simply how I personally like to dress, but my advice can be distilled to other classic styles as well, hence why I then decided on breaking up classic style into 6 different components: Simple, Modern, Vintage, Preppy, Glamorous, and Bohemian. 

classic vintage 2

Like the other five categories, classic vintage is often just about how you accessorize classic items. For example in the picture above, Solanah is wearing  classic sweater dress that is essentially timeless. She paired it with what I am guessing is a vintage leopard print coat, beret, and shoes. The handbag might also be vintage, and if not it is decidedly retro in style. The more modern looking belt keeps her from looking too costumey. This exact same dress could be worn with a pair of ankle boots and a modern cut jacket and it would then be put in the classic modern category. Add penny loafers and a trench coat with a striped scarf and you have classic preppy. The look isn’t necessarily in the clothing, but how it is styled that places the outfit in a certain category.

classic vintage

Other times an ensemble is classic vintage simply because the woman wearing it looks like they stepped out of a vintage magazine! In the above outfit I am guessing pretty much everything from head to toe is vintage, with the possible exception of the tights. Though I tend to shy away from this head to toe vintage look, I admire the women who are dedicated to their personal style and dress how they feel prettiest. 

Because classic vintage is my forte, I have quite a long list of things I am looking at purchasing for the fall. You can see them all below.

Vintage 3

About the Artist Dress 

Vintage 2

Architectural Tour Heel 

Vintage 18

Romcom Marathon Sweater 

Vintage 11

Bugle Joy Skirt 

Vintage 10

Midnight Blossoms Dress

Vintage 12

Lifelong Romantic Top

Vintage 26

Emerald Garden Pencil Skirt 

Vintage 5

Hug Me Do Dress 

Heirloom Vase Cardigan 

Vintage 8

Pleated Wide Leg Pant 

Vintage 20

Friends in the Field Cardigan 

Vintage 9

Give it Your Best Guest Dress in Kitchen 

Vintage 6

Let’s Get Baking Cherry Top 

Vintage 28

Bistro Crop Trousers

Vintage 4

Pump It Up Floral Heel

Vintage 27

Corsage Sweater Jacket 

Vintage 7

Today’s Muse Dress 

Vintage 17

La Cage Aux Fun Cardigan

Vintage 23

Trip The Light 

Vintage 15

Lacefall Dress 

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