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Monday, December 15

17 Fancy Party Shoes

party shoes

Shoes! Glorious shoes!

As my closet can attest, I adore shoes. Unfortunately I was burdened with terrible feet, so most heels are unwearable for me, however I still adore looking at them and trying them on!

Last week I put together a collection of gorgeous party dresses, so this week I thought it would be awesome to follow up with some party shoes. Here are 17 glamorous pairs to choose from to keep you festive all season long!

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party shoes-20

Charm Heels 

party shoes-5

Fine Dining Heel 

party shoes-13

Hoss Intropia Crisscross Heel 

party shoes-8

Elevate Heels

Party shoes-1

Exquisite Stride Heel 

party shoes-15

‘Paula’ Crystal Peep Toe Pump 

party shoes-11

Jena Heels

party shoes-12

Revelry Heels 

party shoes-3

Dancing Gleam Heel 

party shoes-17

Brogan Bow Satin Pump 

party shoes-2

Soiree It Again Heel 

party shoes-10

‘Atlantic’Glitter Pump 

party shoes-7

Guilhermina Gilded Python Heels 

party shoes-19

Noland Heels 

party shoes-4

Sparkle An Interest Heel 

  party shoes-16

Neve Studded Suede Heels 

party shoes-9

Guilhermina Brushed Stripe Heels 

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Monday, December 8

18 Fancy Party Dresses

  christmas cocktail dresses

The holiday season is quickly upon us and I know many of my dear readers have office parties and other events to attend. So I put together 18 of my favorite fancy frocks that are available right now! Both my husband and I work from home, so unfortunately I don’t have any soirees to attend but I do know I have a few galas coming up later in the winter. If you know of any mid to late winter parties or weddings you will be going to, now is the time to buy a dress for it. Come February, March, and April the racks will be picked through and the new dresses will be too spring and summery to be appropriate. 

Party dress-4

Textured Tuxedo Dress 

This dress is the perfect combination of modern and classic. I know it is a very strange style but I have a feeling it could be incredibly flattering on the right shape, which in my opinion is not long and skinny like the model. I think the white and black color blocking would enhance a gorgeous bust but hide any problem areas on the belly and sides. The full skirt is perfect for a pear shape, though you might need to get this hemmed if you are short like I am.

party dress-3

Water Garden Dress 

Glamorously classic, and I am loving the lace and fabric combination. 

party dress-8

 Illusion Yoke Crepe Sheath Dress 

The little black dress looks gorgeous with the sheer neckline and cap sleeves.

party dress-17

Deep Plunge Dress 

The color is a bit on the spring side, but the fabric is very glitzy which is why I am suggesting it for winter. Plus it reminds me of a modern take on a 1960s cocktail dress. 

party dress-14

Digital Jewel Print Midi Dress 

This shape is perfect for many body types, especially hourglass and pear shaped women. Love the modern print with the classic cut.

Party dress-6

Lasercut Corsage Dress 

The pattern on this frock keeps it from being a boring basic black dress. I like how structured the bodice is, and you can easily wear a bra with it.

party dress-13

 Floral Jacquard Dress

This gown is perfect for the classic women who wants all eyes on her when she steps into the room!

party dress-9

Lace & Faille Dress 

I have this dress and it is perfection. The bodice shows off my girls without being too risque, and the sleeves keep me from feeling too naked and vulnerable. The waist is on the high side, which means the draped fabric skims over my baby pooch and still gives me the sexy hourglass shape I desire. Highly recommend this dress.

party dress-5

Sugary Ruby Sheath 

If this isn’t classic bohemian, I don’t know what is! A stunning sheath dress.

Party dress-2

Floral Print Sheath Dress 

I showed this dress about a month ago and so many of you clicked through and purchased it so I thought I would share it again for those who missed it the first time around. The shape is gorgeous and the lace panels will enhance your gorgeous figure.

Party dress-1

Wisp Upon a Star Dress 

Adore the sheer feather fabric above the deep red dress.

party dress-18

Vintage Midi Bardot Dress 

This is all about the fabric. A beautifully draped dress which will be fashionable for at least five years due to the classic cut.

party dress-10

Woven Fit & Flare Dress 

Based on a 1960s cocktail dress, this LBD is a classic. Wear with a sparkly pair of sky high heels!

party dress-11

Lace Marilyn Dress 

I swear I have seen this exact same dress from the 1950s on Etsy. Love the deep shade of blue and it also comes in black.

party dress-12

Cathina Pencil Dress in Oil Painting Print 

The fabric reminds me of an 18th century painting. So glamorous!

party dress-15

Candice Gwinn Lena Dress 

This is vintage glamour at its finest and a dress that can be worn for years to come.

party dress-7

Cascading Cava Dress 

The 1920s trend is still going strong so if the deco decade floats your boat, this is the dress for you!

  party dress-16

Floral Printed Midi Dress 

Another floral classic. I adore the various shades of red, ruby, and pink. And the low shoulder is so flattering on most women.

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Monday, November 24

29 Jeweled Tones

jewel tones winter 2014

As a SoCal woman, I am not very fond of winter. We don’t get terribly cold around here, but we also aren’t blessed with the beautiful snow, enchanting frost, and all the fun things that go along with it like warm gloves, glamorous coats, and snugly woolen scarves. The one thing we do get to do is have fun dressing in winter jewel tones! I happen to adore all colors of jewels, especially emerald green, deep teal, and bright gold! There is just something so elegant and refined about jewel tones, don’t you think? I put together this list of all the jewel tones I was being inspired by and thought you ladies might find something for your wardrobe as well. Which one is your favorite? 

jeweled tone-20

Envious of Emerald Earrings

Jeweled tone-1

Sienna Silk Trousers 

jeweled tone-21

Strutting Satin Heel 

jeweled tone-10

Feeling Debut-tiful Cardigan

jeweled tone-24

Drops of Juniper Dress

  Jeweled tone-7

Charter School Cardigan 

  jeweled tone-16

A Latte to Love Dress 

  jeweled tone-17

Mirror, Career, on the Wall Skirt 

Jeweled tone-3

Celeste Dress 

jeweled tone-25

Dancing Gleam Heel 

jeweled tone-8

Thrilled to the Brim Dress 

jeweled tone-6

Two-Tone to Tango Bag 

jeweled tone-18

Compliments to your Moxie Dress

jeweled tone-28

I’m Sew Excited Heel 

jeweled tone-9

Off With a Stunning Start Dress

Jeweled tone-2


Ribboned Wool Wide-Legs

jeweled tone-14

Luck Be a Lady Dress 

jeweled tone-27

A Certain Aplomb Dress 

jeweled tone-23

Bead By Example Top 

jeweled tone-19

Alright, Berry On! Tote 

jeweled tone-29

Party-ready, Set, Go Top 

jeweled tone-22

Unparalleled Panache Dress 

  jeweled tone-11

Wild and Dine Coat 

jeweled tone-5

Boiled Wool Wrap Jacket 

jeweled tone-4


Crescent Street Buttondown 

jeweled tone-12

I’ll Have The Usual Skirt in Red 

jeweled tone-26

Charming By Nature Skirt 

jeweled tone-15

Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt  

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