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Monday, January 26

Glamorous Loungewear for the Classic Women

classic loungewear

As you ladies know, I am a big believer in dressing up every single day. 

But with that said, occasionally there comes a time when you would rather lounge around in something a little more comfortable. For example, when you are sick you probably wont bother to put on a cute dress when all you are doing is laying on the couch and watching I Love Lucy reruns. I know I change out of my everyday clothing right after dinner and put on my men’s styles pajamas, which is my classic loungewear of choice. 

I thought I would put together a collection of classic and glamorous loungewear items for you to wear when you are done with your day and would like to change into something a little less restricting than your regular clothing. 


Only Hearts Sleep Gown 


Love Is Everything Pajamas  


Embroidered Heart Pajamas 


Lounging Like Royalty 


Showstopper Robe 


Print Pajamas 


Sapphire Charmeuse Nightgown 


Moonlight Nightshirt 


Katharine Jumpsuit 


Alessa Romper 


Floral Print Happi Coat 


Double Knit Robe


Button Up Satin Sleep Shirt 


Satin Pajama Set 

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Monday, December 29

Let’s Get Physical: Classic Exercise Clothing For Women Of All Shapes!

If you want to look glamorous while getting fit, here are some classic exercise clothing choices for the new year!


If getting fit is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, then buying some fabulous classic exercise clothing should also be a priority!

Oh sure, you can always throw on a pair of grubby sweatpants and your husband’s shirt, but why not look good while trying to look even better? 

Just as putting on a smart dress and pair of flats will make you feel better than wearing pajamas all day, having new workout clothing will elevate your exercise from something you have to do into something you want to do because you look so good doing it!

In addition, I believe it is important to have different “uniforms” for different activities. Your workout clothing is something you should change into when exercising and change out of when finished. This sets a boundary in your mind that focuses you to the task at hand- which is getting fit, instead of mixing it into your everyday life. When you wear workout clothing all day long then there is nothing special about exercising. Just as Mr. Rodgers changed out of his coat into a sweater to signify he was at home and ready to relax, so too should you have a separate outfit that you only wear when it is gym time. 

But what should you end up wearing? So many exercise garments are too tight, too ugly, and aren’t necessarily the most flattering on many women.

To help answer this question I put together a collection of some of my favorite classic exercise clothing that is available in stores right now!

classic exercise clothing 5

Winter Rose Tee

*Note: I purposely didn’t look for any workout bras or tanks. I figure these are things that you kind of need to go into a store and try on, not purchase online. I am focusing on the outer garments for this post.

I tend to start with tops. I have always been a fan of a tee shirt because I really don’t feel comfortable showing off my body in a skimpy tank or exercise crop top. Can you imagine? That isn’t to say you should wear these things if you like them, I am just letting you know where I personally stand on the issue. I say if you got it, flaunt it! It just turns out I don’t got it.

I think the above rose tee is both classically pretty, it also seems comfortable and not too form fitting.

classic exercise clothing

Studio Striped Boatneck (also comes in red and grey)

With the cold weather, you will probably need to be layering your workout gear. I thought the striped shirt above looked a bit like something Audrey Hepburn would wear because it is so chic. 

classic exercise clothing 4

Lila Cropped Pant

To complete the look, I would wear these ruffle cropped pants. The ruffle gives it a little something extra, don’t you think? If you like these you should buy them now because they are about to sell out!

classic exercise clothing 3

Shadow Bloom Tee

Here is a different outfit idea. Again, I am starting with the tee shirt, and this new one from Anthropologie is perfect because it covers the bum! I happen to have a lot of junk in my trunk, and nobody needs to see it jiggling all over the gym, thank you very much. So I prefer to cover it when working out.

classic exercise clothing 2

Shade Garden Leggings (left side) Skirted Petal Crops (right side)

Speaking of covering your bum, here is a new style I haven’t seen before! I am speaking of the skirted crops on the right. This might be an interesting idea and it reminds me of a vintage styled skirted bathing suit, which I quite like. But because these are new to me, I would have to try them on and make sure they don’t make me look like an elephant in a tutu. 

classic exercise clothing 1

Power-Down Primaloft Pullover Top (also comes in white and coral)

Even though I tend to wear a lot of black when working out (I mean it is slimming), I think color is gorgeous as well. I am seriously considering getting the above top in that pretty petal pink and wearing them with either the leggings shown below or above.

classic exercise clothing 6

Waterfall Floral Leggings

I have these in a different colorway and love them. I just feel so glamorous when at the gym!  

classic exercise clothing

Refresh Racerback Tank 

Not everyone likes sleeves when exercising because hello! sweat! Here is a simple black tank that is worn long.

  classic exercise clothing

‘Deja’ Jacket 

Love this electric blue jacket to wear to and from the gym, especially paired with the gorgeous leggings seen below.

classic exercise clothing

Full-On Luxtreme 

Isn’t the rose print on these leggings so enchanting? It’s a bold look, but I think paired with the tank-top seen above, you could be the best dressed woman at the gym!

classic exercise clothing

Asana Tunic 

For those of you who are looking to cover up more than the options I have already presented, I think this tunic is a classic option. It has a much loser fit, plus it comes down to hide your bottom. 

 classic exercise clothing

Evie Leggings 

Worn with these leggings, the tunic outfit is super cute, comfortable, and classy.

classic exercise clothing

Glam Bands 

Don’t let you hair be left out of the fun? Why not try these glam bands to add some sparkle to your workout?

classic exercise clothing

‘Barely Flare Booty’ Pants

I know the tight leggings I have presented aren’t for everyone. They just happen to be on trend right now. But just because they are popular doesn’t mean everyone looks good in them! For those of you who feel the most comfortable in a pair of wider legged pants, here are a classic pair of flaired pants.

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Tuesday, December 23

2015 Pantone Color Of The Year: Marsala

marsala pantone 2015

Every year in December, I wait with anticipation for Pantone to announce the color of the new year! I adore color and I am always curious as to what shade Pantone will pick every year. Two years ago the color was Emerald Green and last year’s color was Radiant Orchard. A few days ago Pantone finally announced the color of 2015 will be: Marsala!

To be totally honest, I am a bit surprised. It just feels very “autumn” to me. I adore all shades of red and I am intrigued by the sort of brick red/tomato soup shade they picked, but like I said, it seems very seasonal. Maybe it will lighten to a sort of dusty pink for spring and then deepen in hue for fall. Either way, it will be fun to see it popping up in stores. As a matter of fact, you can be early on this trend by purchasing one of the lovely items in this glorious hue that are available right now! Check out my selections below: 


Sophisticated Situation Dress 


Birthday Bashful Heel 


Early Morning Date Cardigan 


Two-Tone To Tango Bag 


Sciarpa Grande Cashmere Scarf 


Stretch Wool Ankle Pants


Notched Ballet Flat  


Too Much Fun Dress In Ballerinas 


Setting The Jewel Tone Bag 


 You Know Cozy Cardigan 


Studious or No? Top


Talk Coffee Shop Shorts 

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