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Tuesday, February 4

Orchid Covered L.O.V.E. Letters DIY

valentine's day decorations 2.2

The other day I made these orchid covered letters to spell out the word, “LOVE” so I could decorate for Valentine’s Day. I thought they came out really pretty, so I made a video showing you how easy they were to create! Though I am using them for Valentine’s Day, I also think they would be a fun idea for a baby or wedding shower.

Tomorrow I will be showing you the entire area that I decorated so be sure to come back to check it out!

Thursday, January 30

Gold Leaf Bowl DIY

gold leaf bowl diy 11.1

I’m not the first blogger to do a gold leaf DIY, nor am I certainly the last, but I thought this was a fun little project that came out beautifully! I tend to hate all of my crafts and want to throw them away as soon as I finish them, but this one is a keeper. You might remember in my Super “Bowl” party we decorated little white bowls using Sharpie markers. I thought it would be cool to take it to the next level and gold leaf the inside of the bowl.  To be totally honest I was kind of intimidated of gold leaf and thought it would be a pain, but it ended up being way easier than I expected, and the final product looked amazing!

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Thursday, October 31

Constance Organizer Tutorial

It took me years, but I finally learned the secret to getting (most of) what I need to do finished every day: lists. It’s all about lists for me when it comes to organization. If it’s not written down, forget it. Unfortunately, I usually end up with two or three running lists for different areas of my life, and then it comes down to trying to track down the lists themselves so I can figure out what I needed to remember in the first place. The solution? A handy little organizer for keeping everything straight.

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Wednesday, October 23

Easy Halloween Craft (For Adults)

easy adult halloween craft 11.1

I was at Michael’s craft store the other day looking for a few supplies for my holiday display (yes, I have already started on the winter holidays! But in my defense, I am a blogger and most of us work ahead of the season, just like magazines) when I saw the cutest little wooden casket. Not sure anyone has referred to a casket as “cute” before! I thought it might make a fun wee Halloween diorama. So I looked around and found a sticker set from Jolees (here). It is supposed to be used for scrap booking, but who cares? It ended up being the perfect size for my little Halloween craft.

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Tuesday, October 15

So You Want To Sew

You have your reasons — and I could give you plenty — for wanting to start sewing. Whether you’re jumping in for the first time or picking it up again after a while, it can be helpful to have an idea of what you’re getting into and how to make it work for you. Let’s talk about a few simple ways to break into your new sewing hobby.

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