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Monday, April 28

Glamorous Mother’s Day Gift Idea 1: Vonjet Silhouettes

vonjet silhouettes 7

A few weeks ago a company called Vonjet Silhouettes contacted me in order to purchase a sponsored post. I am very picky about who I chose to spotlight here on The Glamorous Housewife, and I swear for every ten companies that contact me to be on the blog, maybe one or two actually make it. Because Mother’s Day is coming up on May 11th, (that’s in two weeks ladies! Two. Weeks.) I have been getting more than my usual amount of sponsored post inquiries, and quite a few of them are really awesome. So this week I will be featuring them so you have time to order your mother gifts (and give ideas to your spouse for their mother) and have them delivered.

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Monday, July 1

Spotlight On: Tatty Devine

tatty devine 9

I seem to be in an accessory mood lately. For some reason I am dying to buy jewelry! I posted some of the items I was interested in here, but as I was trolling the internet I came across a jewelry company called Tatty Devine and it was like a revelation! Why have I not heard of this brand before now? I mean their goods are exactly to my taste: glamorous with a hint of kitsch and lots of color! I did some research and found they are a British company and it is designed and run by two dynamic women artists. You can see their story in the video below:

Wouldn’t it be delightful to work there? I just love supporting talented female entrepreneurs, don’t you? I rounded up a bunch of items that are for sale in the States, but if you live in the UK their goods should be much easier to find. You can even visit their store!

tatty devine 1

Black Eyelashes Sunglasses (here) 

tatty devine 2

Mexican Embroidery Necklace (here) 

tatty devine 6

Magpie Necklace (here) 

tatty devine 3

Glasses Necklace (here)

tatty devine 5

Parakeet Necklace (here) 

tatty devine 7

Fallen Leaves Necklace (here) 

tatty devine 4

Sugar Skull Necklace (here)

Aren’t they all just gorgeous? I purchased the Mexican Embroidery and Falling Leaves necklaces because they are just so chic. I am thinking acrylic is the modern version of bakelite or lucite and I really believe these jewelry pieces are equal to some of the best vintage costume jewelry in both quality and in their unique beauty.

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Thursday, June 27

Put A Bling On It!

vintage woman wearing jewelry

I have only recently become more enamored with jewelry. When you have small children it can be difficult to wear large earrings and necklaces because the babies always pull on them and I found it easier to just leave my adornments on my dressing table. Now that my kids are older I have reopened my jewelry box and now I am finding accessorizing to be so much fun! My favorite type of finery is earrings, but I have been really getting into necklaces and brooches as well. Here are some of the vintage and vintage inspired jewelry I have my eye on and am thinking about adding to my collection.


vintage jewelry 17

Mint green vintage necklace. (here)

daisy necklace

White camellia necklace. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 2

Turquoise daisy necklace. (here)

rope necklace 12

Nautical rope necklace. (here)

pocket watch necklace  4

Pocket watch necklace. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 9

Teapot pendant. (here)


vintage jewelry 18

Vintage fruit earrings. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 14

Turquoise bling. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 10

Lavender daisy earrings. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 8

Mid century stars. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 6

Sorbet orchid studs. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 3

Here’s Looking At You Earrings. These reminded me of Schiaparelli. (here)


vintage jewelry 20

Vintage button ring. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 11

Turquoise butterfly ring. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 5

Black bling ring. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 1

Three pastel rings. (here)


vintage jewelry 19

Vintage earring and bracelet set. (here)

vintage inspired jewelry 13

Swallow silver bracelet. (here)

Hair Accessories

vintage inspired jewelry 15

Orange floral headband. (here)

Aren’t these all lovely? And notice some of the items are from Europe! I told you ladies that live in the UK and EU that I would start adding more items for you!

*Affiliate links were used in this post.

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