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Wednesday, September 11

In Memoriam


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Saturday, August 3

Inspired By: Vintage Summer

vintage summer 2.1


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Monday, July 22

Why I Don’t Blog About Parenting



I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but even though I have three children, I almost never blog about parenting. Is it because I wrote one article on getting your baby to sleep through the night, thereby jinxing myself with a 2 year old who still wakes up at least twice a night? Is it because there are so many other “mommy” bloggers that can write me under the table with their pithy takes on parenthood? Is it because after the age of 5 I would rather keep my kid’s issues private and let them choose to tell their stories? Actually all of those reasons are true. But there is one major reason I don’t write about parenting: I don’t think my choices as a parent are correct for anyone other than myself.

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Friday, June 7

What’s The Word, Bird?


I just love the above quote because it is so true. I believe looking nice is just a visual courtesy. I remember when I was a teenager I purchased a tee shirt with an anti-religion sentiment printed across the chest. My father, who never took an interest in my wardrobe, said I would be wearing that tee shirt in public over his dead body and I needed to go up and change. I obeyed him but I thought he was being absolutely ridiculous. Looking back on it now I realize that the shirt could have easily gotten me into a world of hurt because what was printed was downright rude and I am sure someone would have read it and taken offense. It was a very good lesson in the idea that you are what you wear. If you want to be treated with kindness and respect then you need to dress with civility and not wander through the grocery store in pants with a ripped bottom.

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Friday, May 31

A Picture And A Quote


I normally end the week with a blog wrap-up and a few weekly links, but I had very few interesting links to share with you dolls. And then my husband called and wanted to have lunch with me and I couldn’t say no to that! I am pretty sure the unexpected invitation to lunch was 100% due to the fabulous dress I was wearing. And then I ordered a delicious drink so I ended up drinking two! Therefore my weekly links will be postponed until next Friday. I hope you dolls have a wonderful and glamorous weekend!

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