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Hi dolls, my name is Bethany Herwegh and I am The Glamorous Housewife. A few years ago I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize myself. I saw a frumpy, unfashionable, messy haired and no makeup gal staring at me. I had let myself go. Right then and there I decided to throw out my sweat pants and become the elegant woman I always wanted to be. This is a blog about my journey to glamour. It includes fashion, cooking, crafting, and creating an inspirational life. If you would like to contact me personally, my email is TheGlamorousHousewife (@) gmail (dot) com.




Team Glamorous Housewife

I am thrilled to announce that as of August 2013, I now have a team of the most amazing contributors to The Glamorous Housewife. Here is a little bit about each one:


Lexi DeRock is a vintage lover, hair and makeup artist, photographer, Author of Decades Of Style: A step by step vintage hair and makeup guide and Voluptuous Vintage Vixen‘s blog mama.  Her adventures in fashion, travel and and love have taken her all over the world from Paris to Hawaii and landed  her down undah as a transplanted Melbournian newly wed.  She and the hubby and are learning how to play house and generally being awesome at it while  tackling one of the biggest relationship hurdles, the dreaded BUDGET!




unnamedRaki Wright is thrilled to be The Glamorous Housewife Budget Expert. Raki’s blog, Outside The Box Mom has a lot of great advice on saving money and I thought she would be the perfect person to discuss all things related to debt and household expenses. 





Adrienne BreedloveAdrienne Breedlove is the Domestic Design Expert and is a recently married twenty-six year old with a deep passion for simple, but glamorous, living. She is fairly old fashioned, and has  grown to incorporate her love for vintage into her love of decorating after years of thrifty shopping and “treasure hunting.” You can find her Creative Lifestyle blog at




Emileigh Rogers is the twenty-something year old blogger behind Flashback Summer, a vintage lifestyle and hospitality blog with an intercultural twist. Few things give her joy like combining 30s-40s styles with her love of cultures not her own to create what she calls “vintage with a big worldview.” Emileigh also enjoys antiquing with her husband, sewing, and sipping sweat tea out of a wine glass. Emileigh will be joining The Glamorous Housewife as the Crafting Expert.