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There is very little I enjoy more than to create beautiful things. Usually it takes the form of setting a lovely table and cooking a delicious meal for friends and family. But other times it is manifested as crafting. Though I like the process of crafting, I have trouble with relishing the end product. It just never comes out as good as I can see it in my head.  This tussle with expectations versus reality can sometimes be a real struggle for me when I craft. The good news is I have found a way to be able to create charming crafts that always turn out wonderfully! Plus I don’t have to schlep to the craft store to buy supplies because they all arrive at my doorstep. What is this miracle I speak of?

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It is called Kreation Krate, a monthly craft box that is delivered right to your home! Now I know there are other crafting boxes out there, but what sets this one apart from the rest is the ease of use and it comes with an additional craft you can make and give away to others! How wonderful is that?

I received May’s craft which was making chalkboard pots and planting an herb garden. To be honest with you, growing my own herbs had been on my list forever, but I just hadn’t gotten around to buying the seeds, the dirt, and the pots. But here they were all packed together, and I got to take my pots to the next level of beauty by adding my own decorations!

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After finding inspiration on Pinterest, I got to work by taping off the tops of my pots and only adding the chalkboard paint to the bottom. I wanted a clean and simple design where I could use chalk to label the pots with what was growing inside of them.

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As the paint dried on my pots, I made the bonus craft of seed bombs wrapped in burlap.

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How cute are they? It is teacher appreciation week at my daughter’s preschool so I gave two of them to my daughter’s teachers. The third will be given to whomever is my checkout person at Trader Joes the next time I go. I am there so often they all know me by name!

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Once the paint was dry I added the plant name using the chalk provided and then planted the seeds.

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I really adore how they turned out! It was exactly how I imagined it in my head. Victory! Now I just have to wait for the herbs to grow and I can use them to beautify my cooking. And the best part is I can reuse the pots by erasing the labels and adding new ones. Maybe I will let each of my kids pick out a seed packet and let them grow something once the herbs are big enough to be transplanted.

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  1. says

    This is truly wonderful way to spend an afternoon indoors (and on a miserable rainy day like this, a joyful crafting would do me some good). So, I considering doing something like that when I get back from work.

    Thank you (gain) for being the center of the inspiration.


  2. says

    How wonderfully lovely project! I try to be creative, even if it’s just in some teeny, tiny way, each day as well. One’s spirit and heart are so much happier when you are, I find.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I adore your gorgeous floral print dress!

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