Spring Fashion Inspiration

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Enough lamenting about winter! It is time to turn our thoughts to sweet smelling spring flowers and warm breezes. To that end I have decided to go over five trends for spring that easily translate into a classic or vintage wardrobe. Just click on the picture to be taken to where you can purchase each item.

Bright Florals

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Floral patterns are always in abundance for spring and summer clothing, but this year the patterns seem much more vibrant than in years past. I adore anything with a flower, so I am very excited to add a few more bright prints to my closet. Here are a few items I am thinking about:

bright florals 2

bright florals 3

bright florals 5

bright florals 4

bright florals 1

Polka Dots

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No matter where you shop, high end, low end, and everywhere in between, there will be polka dots. There are literally everywhere, so if you are like me and love polka dots, you should have no problems finding them at every price point.

polka dots 1

polka dots 2

polka dots 3

polka dots 4

polka dots 5

Midi Skirt

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The midi was very popular this autumn and winter, and the trend is continuing for spring and summer, and even into next fall! I have to admit, I am thrilled with this style being of the mode because it means I will have an abundance of gorgeous skirts to choose from. Here are just a preview of what is to come:

midi skirt 1

midi skirt 3

midi skirt 2

midi skirt 4

midi skirt 5

Pretty Pastels

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As always, pastels make a comeback in spring and I look forward to them every year. Pink, mint, light blue, and lavender are all I want to wear when the weather gets warmer.

polka dots 1

pastels 5

pastels 4

pastels 3

pastels 1

Wide Leg Pants

20th Century Fox publicity photo

Aren’t those extreme pants just the most? Ok, I know this is a lot of look, but for those of you who want to break out of the skinny pant, the wide leg pant is quite popular this year. I think they are perfect for lounging around the house, but I am not sure I have the courage to wear some of the brighter patterns to the grocery store quite yet.

wide leg pants 2

wide leg pants 1

wide leg pants 3

wide leg pants 4


  1. says

    I just say ‘no’ to the wide leg pants…
    always loved the pastels although they are not my colour…
    love the thought of Spring days and sunshine and dresses and on and on. Thanks for the inspiration and the little break from this miserable Winter!

  2. says

    pretty clothes!
    just finished a midi skirt (wear always midi length) in gorgeous matte cotton satin with huge screen printed flowers made in switzerland. first spring garb for this year :-)
    (but not wearable before april around here!)

  3. Eva says

    Oh the though of spring! it’s such a beautiful one… Just Seeing a bit of sunshine brings up your spirit (is this the correct way to say it???)
    By the way ALL clothes are gorgeous, I love floral and polka dots prints and pastel colours! :-)

  4. says

    A massively resounding yes to each and every one of these style ideas from me. Come the teeniest hint of spring’s return, I’m going to be rushing forth in florals and polka dots again like there’s no tomorrow.

    ♥ Jessica

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