How To Wear A Midi Skirt

One of my “go-to” items of clothing is the skirt. I adore wearing skirts because I think they are much more comfortable than pants and twice as elegant. I have quite a collection of skirts and my favorite length is between the knee and the lower calf, commonly known as the “midi” skirt. I noticed they were trending this past winter, and it looks like this will continue on through the spring and summer, and even into next fall! But some women are concerned that this is a difficult length to wear. It can be a little bit dowdy if you get your proportions off, so I put together a video showing you how to wear a midi skirt. I mention in the video that I like my skirts to end right about where my calf starts below the knee. This is a shorter “midi” length, but because I am only 5’3″, it works on my body. For those who are taller, they can wear their skirts quite long!

midi skirt 3

For example, this woman appears to be quite tall and thin. Her skirt is long and looks exquisite on her. On me I would look a bit like a little girl playing dress up with her mother’s clothing.

midi skirt 4

I just remembered I had this shot of me in a longer length skirt. It isn’t terrible, but I think taking a few inches off the bottom would be much more flattering on my frame.

midi skirt 6

Here is a perfect example of how length can really affect the look of your outfit. You will notice the grey skirt on the left isn’t nearly as flattering as the white skirt on the right. This is an example of how a midi skirt can look “dowdy” because it is too long. I also think a midi skirt should be worn with a little heel or higher, not a sneaker like in the first picture. It just gives your legs a little extra oomph. The white skirt on the right looks fantastic on the model. The length is only a few inches shorter, but it makes a world of difference. The legs are a little more exposed, and the shoes don’t cut the legs off at the ankle, making her gams look longer. (Be sure to check out this gal’s Etsy store. She has some really cute plus sized vintage clothing. HERE)

So if you are like me and love a skirt, try a midi skirt this season. Just make sure the length hits you in a flattering way.

The skirt in the video can be purchased HERE.


  1. says

    I suppose it’s no coincidence in the graphics below your blog title the ladies are all wearing midi length dresses!

    I’m a little taller than you (5’5″) but always think I look dumpy in a midi length. I may try on a shorter version after watching your video. Thanks! Love your outfits. Your retro hair looks beautiful. Are you thinking of making a video about that sometime? (Hint hint!)


  2. Eva says

    Thanks for this post!
    I always loved dresses and skirts.
    When I was younger I got (from my grandma’s house) 2 skirts from the 70’s that belonged to my one of my aunts. The skirts were left there for years until I found them and asked if I could get them. They were pretty long for me at that time but very flattering and lovely. I specially loved one of them (full of flowers) and I used to wear it around the house, even in winter. Sadly one evening I was to close to the fireplace and the skirt got on fire :-(
    I still have the other one, just a circle skirt plain blue. It’s a bit tight for me now to wear it but I still love it and keep it.
    The rest of the skirts that I own are modern, most of them pretty classy with lengths ranging from just above the knee or just below the knee :-)

  3. says

    did i say that i love your videos? :-)

    and i have a bad case of sweater envy – especially the blue one with the glasses!

    i´m wearing midi skirts since the end of the 1990 because of they´r grown up and classy look – although I have the legs for micro minis and hotpants. but a few things should be left to the imagination 😉
    i´m 1,70m and i use to cut my skirts for 70cm – this works best for me, balancing my proportions.
    yay for the midi skirt 😀

  4. says

    I like the look but being 5ft and not great in heels, it’s not easy to wear them as I tend to be considered either religious or dowdy. I can’t go more than 20 minutes in heels before my ankle starts killing me. So I’ll watch other people wear them

  5. Laura Nuttall says

    You’ve won me over…I’m 5’3″ too and avoid this length because of the dumpy factor. Going to give it a try again, I think the key for me is to keep to cropped waist-length cardigans and jackets to keep that nipped-in waistline. Fab video!

  6. Amanda says

    Although I am much taller (5’7″) and a heel devote, I am still reluctant to give the TRADITIONAL midi a try, as I still think it looks dowdy; however, I like YOUR idea of a midi skirt better than the traditional length.
    In fact, I already have several skirts that fall in the the longer-than-a-knee-length-but-shorter-than-midi-length range.
    Cute video, and the blue with glasses sweater is adorable.

  7. says

    Great post! I’m barely 5’2″ and I find that mid-length skirts (or dress hems) that hit about (given or take a wee bit) my mid-calves are the most flattering skirt length on my most of the time (I don’t have super thin calves by any means, so pieces that high higher can sometimes highlight that fact more than I’d like). I actually shop intentionally sometimes to find garments that will hit right there and love it when I find one that lands at the “sweet spot” that I consider to be the most flattering length for me.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. somewherebeyond says

    Hi Bethany. What a lovely post. As always, you look adorable. I agree that everyone has their very specific skirt length. I am 5’4”, relatively long legged and relatively top heavy with narrow hips. Narrow skirts definitely look better on me if they are on or just above the knee. Fuller skirts look best a tiny fraction below the knee, or just where the knee joins the lower leg. If I go below that, I look like the late Queen Mum. It adds years. Having said that, both pencil and full skirts work again if they are really long…as in about a hand width above my ankles or even floor length. So there is this no-go skirt length zone for me around the middle part of my lower legs.

    But isn’t it lovely that everyone is so different and that for others, my no-go zone is the perfect zone. Jessica Cangiano (above) mentions that she hunts high and low for just that length.

    Where I really struggle as well is to find coats/ jackets that go with fuller midi skirts. If the coat is too short and the skirt sticks out underneath, it can look very frumpy on me (on others it looks great, but not on me). Short, nipped in or cropped jackets work, but they are sometimes not warm enough in the winter. I therefore have a lot more summer than winter midi skirts. As soon as the warm rays of the sun come out, BRING ON THE MIDI :)

  9. says

    I love the shorter length (just below the knee) midi skirts, I’m tall (5 ft 10) and before I got fat, used to wear calf length skirts over knee high boots. Very cute :)

  10. Fashionista says

    Can I just say that I love the way you pose your feet in your outfit photographs, it looks so very elegant. The pigeon toed stance adopted by some models drives me NUTS! Thank you for another excellent post.

  11. says

    So midi skirt is now a trend? You mean I’ve been trendy all this time and didn’t kow it. Seriously, through, thanks for the post. I too feel skirts are a bit more flattering on me and the midi length has always been my favorite.

  12. Anne says

    I can’t believe you’re only 5″3! I’m 5″1, and I have always thought that you look sooo much taller in your pictures and videos–I thought you were 5″6 or so! You’ve convinced me to try a midi skirt because it looks so great on you! :)

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