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Monday, December 16

At Home With: Vintage Christmas Decor

Christmas decorations 1

If you’re hoping to deck your halls in vintage glamour this season, you’ve come to the right place! Christmas decorations have been a part of the winter season for centuries in some form or another. From red and green paper chains to Christmas trees – there are countless ways to celebrate the holiday in your home. Today I want to share eight ways to decorate your home for Christmas with a little vintage twist. Lucky for us, Christmas decorations are typically still very traditional, so it isn’t difficult at all to find exactly what you need to recreate these ideas, or even come up with some of your own!

Christmas decorations  2

Wrap empty boxes to display around your house. Though these “gifts” might be fakes, you’ll appreciate the extra beautifully wrapped packages throughout your home, instead of just by the tree. Use vintage gift wrap or even wallpapers and ribbons to create this beautiful look. Bonus: Christmas Day doesn’t have to end with these pretty papers torn and scattered across the floor.

Christmas decorations  3

If you have a collection of Christmas or winter-themed figurines, consider displaying them together. This is an adorable way to show off a large collection of different pieces with a central theme. Items like these can be found easily at flea markets or thrift store shelves.

Christmas decorations  4

Stick to traditional stockings for the mantel and dress it up with redwood garland and pinecones. I love the idea of decorating for winter with pinecones. They’re easy to find, free, and can be painted to match the color scheme in your home.

Christmas decorations  5

Display peppermint sticks in a vintage tea set like this one. This tray would make a lovely centerpiece for the dining room table or kitchen island.

Christmas decorations  6

Those pinecones are back! Arranged on pretty candle holders, these make beautiful (and inexpensive) decorations displayed under cloches.

Christmas decorations  7

Toy soldiers and nutcrackers have been a Christmas staple for generations. Though you can find a large variety of modern versions, these traditional models hearken back to Christmases gone by. Display these treasured pieces on a shelf, near the fireplace, or on a side table.

Christmas decorations  8

Add a little retro flare by foregoing the norm and putting up a white christmas tree. Create a fun look by decorating in bright colors. If you’d rather stay on the side of elegance, silver or gold ornaments look dazzling on these bright branches.

Christmas decorations  9

Christmas lights have changed some over the years. They’re more efficient and longer lasting. Most importantly, one bad bulb doesn’t kill the whole cord. If you’re like me, though, you still love those old light that you grew up with and just aren’t quite ready to part with them. I love the idea of repurposing old bulbs by using them as vase fillers. This works particularly well with larger bulbs, just be gentle with that glass! Vintage ornaments that aren’t quite fit for the tree would work wonderfully here as well.

I don’t know about you, but it’s so easy for me to get carried away with Christmas decorating! We’ve already started putting our decorations up, but I’m sure I’ll be adding more all season long. I hope these ideas have inspired you as they have for me.

Happy holidays and happy decorating,

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This was written by Domestic Design expert, Adrienne Breedlove. Be sure to visit her on her blog,

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5 Responses

  1. beate says:

    oh my :-)
    i´m coming from that christmas decoration land – “erzgebirge”. since generations they make little and big, cute and traditionally things from wood and glass. you can buy new wooden angels, carved and painted in the style of 1930 or a nutcracker who looks the same like in 1910. and all the families still have very old x-mas deco, collected over generations. sometimes i could burst in tears over the sheer load of bittersweet tradition. sometimes i wish i were on a pacific island over the holidays…..

  2. Sanne says:

    Ooh, I love it all. From the pine cones, to the white tree with the green ornaments, to the peppermint sticks, to the toy soldiers/nutcrackers. I think I will grab the peppermint sticks, it is such an easy and lovely idea. :) Thank you for the inspiration, dear.

  3. Eva says:

    The Chritsmas Three and Nutcrackers are still the “must have” in any german house. Nutcrackers are pretty cheap and easy to find, all sizes and colours… I love them. There are also plenty of wooden old toys, or small music boxes like carrusels. Really nice.
    In Spain people usually set up a “Belén”, just a table with small houses, roman soldiers, the 3 “kings” (wise men), a small stable with Joseph, Mary and the baby, the cow, donkey, and sephers. Some people really take it very seriously and you can see entire sceneries even with running water and Herodes Castle and Jerusalem at the very end…

  4. Love the classic candy canes displayed in that heirloom worthy silver tea set. The pairing of the two has such an endearingly elegant and very post old world feel to it.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. *Posh* – thank you, auto correct. ;)

    ♥ Jessica

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