Confetti Themed New Year’s Brunch

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I have a confession to make. I kinda hate New Year’s Eve. There is just so much pressure to have a good time! Plus it costs twice as much as any other day to do whatever it is you like to do for fun, and the baby sitter charges double, and then the kids will be up and shouting at 6:30 on New Years day. So for many years now I have blown off New Year’s Eve.

This year, things are going to be different. The Glamorous Household is going to Cabo for a week, starting on the 26th and I can’t wait! Maybe this year we will actually have some genuine fun on New Years. I mean who isn’t having fun in Cabo?

With that said, I am a little bit sad because I have such a great idea for a New Year’s brunch I am dying to throw! The idea of brunch came to me in a moment of epiphany. Think about it- the kids are up at the crack of dawn, and if you have kids you probably have friends who also have children, so they will be up early as well. Why not have a brunch where everyone can celebrate the New Year? You don’t need to hire babysitters, you can still enjoy the holiday, and if you decide to do it pot-luck style it won’t even cost that much money!

new years brunch 3

Let’s start with the decorations. I think a confetti theme is perfect because it conjures images of champagne, a common drink on New Years, as well as gives a casual festive feel to your shindig.

new years brunch 4

It is fairly easy to find inexpensive decorations, like these circle stickers seen above. You can always cut your own out of scrapbook paper and then stick it to the wall. Easy-peasy!

new years brunch 5

For the table all you need to do is find large tissue paper confetti (here & here) or make it yourself and then lay it down the table. Add some paper plates, a few colorful flowers and voila! You have the perfect tablescape!

new years brunch 8

When it comes to the food, I am a big fan of the buffet table, especially when you are having a large party. It is much easier on the hostess if everyone is serving themselves. Here we have a mimosa bar that can also be used as a juice bar for the kids.

new years brunch 9

Why not have a waffle bar? All you have to do is buy different toppings and have them all ready to go the night before. As people are arriving you can defrost store bought waffles in the oven, or if you are ambitious you can make them yourself.

new years brunch 7

If the waffle bar seems too complicated, try a cereal bar. Kids love cereal. Fact.

new years brunch 6

Another idea is to have a sandwich station. Have some cold cuts, sliced cheeses, bread, lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes laid out with all the condiments. Then everyone can make sandwiches to their taste.

new years brunch 10

For dessert you can have donut holes skewered with fresh fruit like strawberries. Yum!

new years brunch 2

So what do you think of my confetti New Year’s brunch? I think it would be a ton of fun to both prepare and enjoy with your friends. It gives you an excuse not to go out on New Year’s Eve, plus you get to spend all day relaxing and eating with your friends and family- what better way to start the new year?


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    This is such a fun idea! I’ve always hated New Year’s, too, because it just feels like such a downer. The best time I ever had was getting dressed up and going out with friends and family to a restaurant downtown. We stayed until midnight and rang in the New Year with the wait staff and their families, because we were the only patrons there.

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    Such a joyfully fun, happy-go-lucky kind of theme. I love how carefree and youthful it feels, too. I can’t help but think it would rock for a birthday party as well (perhaps for my upcoming 30th in July?).

    ♥ Jessica

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    This idea is perfect for someone like myself – a morning person. I do try to stay up; but I can only manage to drag myself to midnight and then it is really Bed Time. :)
    So, having a Brunch would be perfect – I would be up and running, and most of my friends will manage to wake up (and somewhat sober out) from the night before. It’s a Win-Win situation.

    Two thumbs up.. and: MERRY CHRISTMAS, dear Bethany!

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