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1930s fashion 1.2

It is 1930’s week here on The Glamorous Housewife, and I thought I would start things off with a fashion post. As I said in my 1920’s fashion post, I am much more of a 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s kinda gal. But I do enjoy the bias cut and draped gowns of the 1930’s.

1930s fashion 9

As you can see in the above picture, the waistline was returned to its rightful place. Also notice the emphasis on the shoulders. Puffed sleeved are in vogue and the skirt lengths get longer throughout the decade. Speaking of skirts, you will notice they are neither full or pencil, but a hybrid of the two.

1930s fashion 10

The bias cut dress comes into fashion during the 1930’s. The dress on the left is by Vionnet who is considered to be the “Queen Of The Bias Cut” and on the right we have an orange dress by Schiaparelli. Schiaparellai is best known for her trompe l’oeil sweaters and her lobster dress. Of course Chanel was a huge fashion designer at this point, and was the first to use jersey in women’s clothing, the first to take black from a color of mourning into a color of fashion, and the first to make the tan in vogue. I have always been amused with the fact Chanel hated Schiaparelli and referred to her as ‘that Italian artist who makes clothes’. For a long time I refused to see the genius of Schiap because of my loyalty to Chanel, but in the end I actually find myself more in tune to the bright patterns and humor of Schiaparelli then the austerity of Chanel.

1930s fashion 1.1

One of the aspects of blogging that I love the most is attempting to move past my comfort zone. When I got the idea for this 5 part series, I knew I wanted to try and find modern clothing that reflected the spirit of each time period. Though I adore vintage clothing, I also love to find clothing that has a classic feel to it in a modern store. A large part of vintage shopping is finding the “needle in the haystack” ie: going through racks and racks to find the perfect dress. I also get this same thrill when I see something I adore in a contemporary boutique or online because 99% of the items are just not to my taste.

1930s fashion 6.1

This dress is from Anthropologie (here) and in a million years I would have never of purchased it if it weren’t for this post. But I couldn’t for the life of me find anything else that had that 1930’s feeling. So of course I had to make up a reason to wear said dress and that is when I discovered the Cicada Club. The Cicada Club is located in down town Los Angeles in an old men’s clothing store which had been built in the late 1920’s. They host swing dancing and live music and I knew this would be the perfect place to wear my new dress. So I managed to talk both my husband and my next door neighbors to come with me to dance the night away.

1930s fashion 8.1

There we are in our outfits. He is wearing a vintage 1940’s suit and a vintage tie. I decided I had to my hair in finger waves, which I will talk about more when I post the 1930’s beauty article later this week.

1930s fashion 2.1

The necklace is new from J.Crew (here) and is a welcome addition to my jewelry collection. My earrings are at least 15 years old and I think my mother got them for me as a birthday gift.

1930s fashion 5.1

Speaking of gifts, about once a year I splurge on the Neiman Marcus shoe sale, which is where I got these beauties. I think they are at least 4 years old and are surprisingly comfortable. As I have mentioned time and again, the best thing about dressing in a vintage or “classic” way is the money you spend on clothing, shoes, and accessories goes so much farther because you are buying things that never really go out of style.


I leave you with a picture of the lobby of the Cicada Club. Isn’t it just stunning? Unfortunately it was too dark to get any decent pictures inside. If you are in Los Angeles I highly recommend going to see a show there.

I scoured the internet and here is a look-book of some 1930’s styles you can try yourself:

And on Etsy:

1930s fashion 16

1930s floral fringe dress. (here)

1930s fashion 11

1930s white and deco floral button dress. (here)

1930s fashion 17

1930’s blue silk chiffon embroidered evening dress. (here)

1930s fashion 14

1930’s plaid day dress. (here)

1930s fashion 15

1930’s floral chiffon gown. (here)

1930s fashion 13

Vintage 1930’s day dress. Perfect for running around with the kids. (here)

1930s fashion 12

1930’s pink and red patterned evening dress. Located in the UK (here)

Stay tuned this week for more 1930’s fun including make-up, food, and interior design.


  1. christa says

    I am definitley more of a midcentury girl myslef, but you cant deny how beautiful and grand the 20’s feel. you look lovely, the 20’s looks good on you! looking forward to the beauty post!

  2. Sarah Carey says

    Bethany, this series is already so delightful, and it is only day one of week two! What a thrill to read all about these decades. And, I must say, you are stunning in that dress. Absolutely beautiful with a touch of sauciness in your eye, the perfect attitude for the 30s. Cheers to you & your charming husband!

  3. says

    Bethany, you look fabulous in that dress! I think the styles of the 30s really suit you. And what adorable photos of you and your husband. You could frame these!

    • BethanyThe Glamourous Housewife says

      You should totally get one! I forgot to mention in the post that the fabric is actually on the casual side. It is made from a ribbed cotton- like a tank top! I am thinking of wearing it with boots to the grocery store!

  4. says

    I completely agree with you about the Cicada Club! I live in Australia, and earlier this year a group of us vintage loving gals travelled to LA for 10 days to shop and see the sights. We went to a show at the Cicada Club and it was such a great night out! Loved it! The other highlight for me was having a private tour of the Los Angeles Theatre – and then going back later in the week to see La Dolce Vita screened there. Such wonderful memories!

    • BethanyThe Glamourous Housewife says

      Wow, that sounds like an amazing trip! Because I grew up here I just don’t think about touring my own city, but I think I am now going to try to be a tourist in Los Angeles and really enjoy everything it has to offer.

  5. says

    Love, love this series and am so impressed that you were able to find so many current options. You look amazing! Have been reading your blog regularly and have you linked on our blog but just became a forever fan!!

  6. says

    personally i love the 30´s day fashion – suits! – more then the evening gowns. always think one has to be 1,75m with 45kg for this gowns…..

    the cicada club looks gorgeous!
    i still hope the hubby will finally learn to dance, so we can enjoy such locations together.

  7. says

    Ohh you look simply amazing! I love this series, but especially this 30’s one as I just bobbed my hair and have been embracing those styles much more. That dress from anthropologie is dreamy! If it goes on sale I may have to snatch one up.


  8. says

    Oh, I love this outfit on you. Might be my very favorite look I’ve ever seen you in, actually. The club looks beyond fun and this post was very informative! I’m really enjoying this series.

  9. Cyndiwho says

    Oh My Goodness!!!! You look stunning! Harlow had nothing on you — you’re title pose reminded me of Myrna Loy in that period. The modern dress completely reads period. Can you tell I love it? I’m loving this series.

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