The Most Amazing Garden Tour Ever: Part 2

Virginia Robinson Garden 25th Annual Tour 2.2

Last week I posted part one of the most glamorous garden tour I have ever taken. Part two will take you through the home and garden of the woman who inspired the entire event: Virginia Robertson.

virginia robinson garden tour 15

As I  mentioned in part 1, the morning consisted of walking through five of the most glamorous gardens I have ever been in. The afternoon was all about lunch and touring the home of Ms. Roberston. The tables for lunch were all set up in the “back yard” of her home between her house and her pool. You can see the table setting above and below you can see the fountain that was directly in front of the pool. Because I was so overwhelmed by the extravaganza, my photos of Ms. Robertson’s home and garden are not as good as the ones I took of the guest gardens. The good news is I plan on returning next year and I promise to get better pictures then.

Virginia Robinson Garden 25th Annual Tour 28

I haven’t mentioned that my dress is Kate Spade and I got it on eBay. I love shopping for modern designers with a retro aesthetic on eBay because you can save a fortune on frocks that are only a season or two old. However I have found jewelry to be evenly priced as when it was originally sold. I am also a fan of buying designer shoes on eBay as well.

virginia robinson garden tour

To create the beauty that is Ms. Robertson’s home, there were a multitude of sponsors that decorated her rooms with both furniture and flowers. The next few pictures will attempt to show you the splendor of having a vintage home filled to the brim with thousands of dollars worth of bouquets.

virginia robinson garden tour 14

virginia robinson garden tour 10

virginia robinson garden tour 9

virginia robinson garden tour 7

Here we have the matriarch herself! Isn’t she fabulous?

virginia robinson garden tour 4

virginia robinson garden tour 5

In this snap I am posing with her tea set. I think I would make the perfect Beverly Hills hostess, don’t you think?

virginia robinson garden tour 3

virginia robinson garden tour 6

virginia robinson garden tour 8

virginia robinson garden tour 2

virginia robinson garden tour 13

My favorite part of the entire house was the bathtub filled with flowers. If my husband would let me, I would totally have my bathtub  look exactly like this.

virginia robinson garden tour 12

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much of Virginia’s spectacular garden. The only two pictures are of her green house and the tropical portion of her estate seen below.

virginia robinson garden tour 11

As I have been gushing for two posts, the event was absolutely breathtaking. Next year I am hoping to make it a weekend affair and have my mother, sister, and two sister-in-laws attend along with my neighbor who came along this time. We plan on staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is located only blocks from Ms. Robertson’s estate. Wouldn’t that be a glamorous weekend! I seriously can not wait.


  1. says

    Ooohh, the flower filled clawfoot tub is my very favourite part as well! :) Everything is utterly stunning though – hopes like this are the kind of things my decor daydreams are sprinkled liberally with.

    Have a marvelous Monday, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Sierra Sue says

    What a wonderful day you had ! I’m a lovely shade of green with envy but Thankful you posted many pictures for me to drool over.
    Got a ? If you did your tub like the beautiful picture, couldn’t he use a shower or do you not have one? If not, put hubby to work making one !!!

    Thank You so much for the postings.

    • BethanyThe Glamourous Housewife says

      Oh we could do it, but then what would we do if we wanted to take a bath? LOL!

  3. tealady3 says

    Just beautiful! I love the gardens and all the flowers and your dress is very pretty perfect for a garden party.

    I myself love flowers and anything to do with tea and tea parties.

    Would have loved to have been there.

    Thank-you for sharing with us.

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