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Monday, June 3

The Great Gingham Round-Up!


Confession time: I used to hate gingham! My mother used a yellow gingham in my bedroom when I was a baby and I always disliked it, which is weird because not only do I now love gingham, I adore yellow gingham! Last year I purchased my first gingham dress (seen here) and now I kinda want a pair of gingham cropped pants. As I was looking for the aforementioned pants, I found a ton of fantabulous gingham dresses, shoes, and even a tee shirt and bathing suit. If you love gingham as much as I do you will adore the items I found- check them out:

gingham dress 5

This dress might not look like gingham, but if you click here you can see a close up of the fabric which has a gingham stripe in it. How amazing is that fabric? I have this dress in three different colorways and I love them. They are incredibly comfortable and always look good when you don’t really want to dress up but you also don’t want to run around in sweatpants.

gingham dress 6

This gingham dress is so sexy! It gives you curves in all the right places. (here)

gingham dress 4

I am loving the jacket in this suit, and I like the skirt, but not together. I would wear the jacket with a solid black pencil skirt and a casual tee shirt and I would wear the skirt with a nice white blouse and a pair of heels. (here)

gingham dress 10

I have this bathing suit in a red stripe but I think I like this one better! This would be perfect for a 4th of July pool party. (here)

gingham dress 9

I love a graphic tee shirt and this is no exception. As a matter of fact, I think I have this exact same shirt only without those adorable gingham sleeves. Now I want this version! (here)

ginham pants

Here are the gingham pants I have been wanting. I still haven’t purchased them because pants are a difficult fit for me and I don’t like to order them online. But aren’t they cute? (here)

gingham dress 12

Two words: Gingham. Keds. (here)

gingham dress 11

Here is a sweet simple gingham sundress with little cherries. Perfect for summer. (here)

gingham dress 7

Technically this vintage dress is a plaid, not a gingham, but I thought it was so cute with the loop detail at the neck and arms I just had to include it. (here)

ginham dress 8

A gingham shawl with a matching dress! Adorbs! (here)

gingham dress 3

I would wear this black gingham dress without a crinoline and without the red belt. I might wrap a pretty twill ribbon around my waist and add a pair of bright red heels instead. (here)

gingham shoes

How cute are these gingham shoes? I especially like the cutouts. (here)

gingham dress 8

Ruffles, heart pockets, halter straps! This dress has everything! (here)

gingham shirt

Ignore the styling on this gingham shirt and imagine it tied in a knot at the waist with a pair of vintage jeans and a pair of wedges. A perfect casual look for running after the kids. (here)

gingham dress 1

I decided to leave the best for last. This is a stunning vintage halter dress with a matching wrap. Perfection. (here)

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15 Responses

  1. I love gingham! Beautiful choices indeed! My favs are the sexy blue gingham dress with red mid section and the teal and orange Keds! So cool.

  2. I LOVE gingham! One of the many things I love about Summer is wearing my vintage gingham dresses and I always want more. I blog and pin gingham inspiration constantly! Great selection here!

  3. Love this post – and gingham soooo much! What could be dubbed my first ever repro piece (a classic 1950s circle poodle skirt that my mom made me for Halloween when I was six, and which I proceeded to wear nearly every day after school for the next three years) was pink and white gingham and I’ve been smitten with this cheerful pattern ever since.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I just bought my very first vintage gingham two days ago! I cannot wait for it to come in the mail! It is a pink gingham blouse and will be so perfect for summer. ;-)

  5. Sanne says:

    I’m sure you can sew on small sleves to your own tee and the look for free. :)

  6. Lorena says:

    Like you, I did not like this print before – it reminded me of kitchen towels and picknics!
    However now, I find it lovely.

  7. Nancy Leigh says:

    Love, love gingham! It just says vintage to me. I had my eye on a pair of black/white gingham shorts but not a good fit so still looking! I did pick up a couple of petite galvanized pails at Target that had red/white gingham ribbon as a handle…very adorable for summer decor! Love the bathing suit and the check pants…want them!

    Fabulous post!

  8. Claudia says:

    Adoring gingham! Bought two fitted shirts, one in black and white…truly pairs well with everything! And one mint gingham, the check is smaller, very wearable! Might I suggest the jcrew perfect shirt? The fit is very nice and fabric is wonderful!

  9. Kristin says:

    I too, have been on a gingham kick recently. I bought some cute gingham fabric, (with ants, lol) to make a top, and a gingham blanket at the thrift store to use on a picnic.

    I used to rent a house with a vintage knotty pine kitchen, and I made red gingham curtains to hang in it. I always thought of curtains and picnic blankets when I thought of that pattern.

  10. Porcelina says:

    I own the black and white gingham dress with ruffles and heart pockets!!! It’s amazing, and I wore it to a dinner party on the weekend with a black petticoat, aqua shrug, red lippy and red 50’s chiffon headscarf.

    Gingham is the future!!

    P x

  11. Kathleen Lisson says:

    Gingham is adorable for summer! Thanks for these photos.

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