Spotlight On: Nea’s Stitching

Hello my ladies! Today I am thrilled to bring to you a fantastic Etsy store called Nea’s Stitching. Like you, Nea has a love for vintage and has translated her passion into delightful jewelry with a retro flair. I was fortunate enough to interview Nea and I think you will enjoy her as much as I do:

neas stitching 1

How did you get started with your Etsy store?
I have always liked to make things and I love jewelry as it can be so pretty and is of course wearable. Even the jewelry that I don’t wear on a daily basis can still be adornments on a vintage ring dish or jewelry stand. I have two children under  the age of five and making jewelry is my “me time” when I really can relax.

neas stitching 2

What are your major sources of inspiration?
Mostly it is interiors and old kitchen ware. For example the colors of a pair of curtains or an enamel bowl or porcelain cup can give me ideas for the colorway of a pair of earrings.

neas stitching 3

I see you are from Sweden! What are your favorite things about your country? What are some must sees if I travel there? How is the vintage?

My favorite thing may sound boring but it really is the space. Sweden is the fifth largest country in Europe but only has 9.5 million people. The countryside, especially the province of Småland, is so beautiful with large dark forests, glittering lakes and fields. Must sees are Stockholm and the archipelago. My favorite hotel in Stockholm is the Victory hotel in the medieval area called Gamla stan and I would recommend eating at Tweed, also in Gamla stan, and some shopping as well at Sivletto. Public transport in Stockholm is really good and everyone uses the Tunnelbana (Subway) and the buses. To get between Gamla stan and Södermalm takes under 10 minutes.

When I think of vintage in Sweden I mostly think of fifties tableware from the Rörstrand or Gustavsberg companies. Really pretty vintage clothing can be hard to find here, that is one of the reasons that I love Etsy.

I love your jewelry because it has a vintage flair. Do you also dress with a vintage style or are you more modern?
I try to dress with at least a vintage touch every day and don’t really like to leave the house without a bit of lipstick. A typical outfit would be a pretty knee length dress and a cardigan, wedges or ballerinas. Perhaps a small brooch or flower clip, and a pair of earrings of course.
Is there anything else you would like to say about you or your store?

I hope that my store is a place where you can find that last small detail that completes an outfit and makes it go together, for yourself or as a gift.

neas stitching 7

Thank you Nea for introducing us to your beautiful Etsy store. I am especially enamored with your earrings and I adore your eye for color.

This was a paid advertisement by Nea’s Stitching. If you would like to have your store in the spotlight, feel free to contact me


  1. says

    What splendidly lovely pieces! I really tend to favour dainty jewelry (chunkier pieces look great on others and I certainly admire them, but most look like I’m a little girl playing dress up with her mom’s clothes on me because I’m petite and don’t have a long neck, torso or hands) like the beautiful ones that Nea creates.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Sabine says

    Lovely! I just bought a few items from her for a friend, my sister and… myself. Quick, eh?
    Kind regards,

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