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sublime stitching 2

Even though I am already doing a huge sewing project, I have also been very inspired by embroidery. I bought the Sublime Stitching book the other day and I have started a little sampler to practice different embroidery techniques. It isn’t nearly done but once I am finished I promise to share it with you ladies here on the blog. In the meanwhile, enjoy these photos of embroidery that are inspiring to me and hopefully to you as well.

embroidered photography

cross stitch

embroidered photography 3

ribbon embroidery

sublime stitching

embroidered photography 2


  1. says

    That’s awesome! I love stitchery so much – it was the first “adult” craft (as in not just popsicle sticks and paste kinds of crafts) I remember doing as a child (when I was about five or six); I’ve loved (and done) it ever since. I tend to do more cross stitch than stitchery, but adore both to no end.

    Have a blast with your Sublime Stitching project!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. says

    I did some embroidery as a child and I wish my mom had saved some of it! I have been thinking about getting that book and trying my hand at it as an adult. I look forward to see what you have conquered!!

  3. SierraSue says

    How did I miss this posting??? Shame on me !
    My mother taught me when I was barely able to hold a needle.
    She has continued doing embroidery, she is now 91 years old and I just sold over 50 of her tea towels/pillowcase sets at our Beta Sigma Phi rummage sale. She’s doing more as I write this !!!
    So many people said it was considered “a lost art” well, here I am, in my old age making squares of embroidery for a Christmas quilt for my two younger granddaughters.
    I hope many more will begin this “art” as I cannot bear to think of it as being “lost”

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