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the glamorous housewife 4

I really brought it this week! I don’t know what got into me but I was really inspired to dress up and try new things all week long. According to Instagram, you ladies really loved this ensemble. The dress is new (here) and I adore it. For those of you with larger breasts, don’t be worried about this dress. It has a pleat center back which keeps the girls contained where they should be. The shoes are quite old Miss L. Fire (I blogged about them in 2010!) and I swear it has taken me three years to find the perfect dress to accompany them, but I finally have it! The corsage is a bouquet of vintage flowers, probably off a hat, that I acquired at the Vintage Expo a few weeks ago. Oh, I almost forgot about the purse! The purse is a very old Kate Spade.

the glamorous housewife 2

Here I am in a pair of cropped pants (similar here and here) my ubiquitious graphic tee shirt (that one is sold out but here are a whole bunch of others and they are on sale) and a new pair of thong sandals (here in orange and here in blue). I was inspired by this hairstyle and once I perfect it I will be sure to do a tutorial on the blog.

the glamorous housewife 3

I don’t know if you remember this post on the little red dress I did in February but it was then that I bought this dress (here) and pair of heels (sold-out). When I received the dress I was devastated because I was too fat for the dress to zip up! I knew then that I had to get my act in gear and I have been getting healthy ever since. This was the first time I was able to zip the dress up and I was thrilled! I wore this on date night, hence why I am giving the camera (ie: my husband) a look and why his shoes (here) are in the photo. If you like my hair you can see the tutorial I did on how to achieve it here.

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Red, white, and blue is one of my favorite color combinations when it comes to my clothing. I just love everything nautical and seriously can’t resist it when I see something like the sweater I am wearing. I really have a problem with far too many nautical items of clothing. Both the skirt and the top are long gone from Anthropologie, however I want you to notice that even though both are at least a few years old, neither has gone out of fashion. I point this out because I really believe when you buy the classics you can wear them until they fall apart. The good news is the bird sandals are available here!

the glamorous housewife 1

For my last outfit I am wearing a beloved vintage dress. I have no idea when and where I bought it, but I haven’t worn it since the baby was born. The fabric is quite unusual in that it is totally see-through; I have to wear a black slip underneath. The belt is old from Anthro and the shoes are Prada from eBay. Don’t they look vintage? I think I got them for like $100! That is quite a bargain for Prada shoes. The brooch is one I made here as a wrist corsage and I just turned it into a pinned corsage. The purse is from Kate Spade and I thought I should mention that the reason I get so many Kate Spade purses is because 1) I love them. Always have. I think I have owned a Kate Spade since she had her first collection and 2) she has amazing sales. Seriously. I troll her sales about twice a month and get fantastic deals. I also buy her jewelry this way. However I find better deals for her dresses on eBay. As for her shoes, I almost never purchase them because they are too narrow for my feet.


  1. says

    Ohhh that raspberry dress! I bought that one too but haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, it looks so beautiful on you and I love the flowers and the shoes :3

  2. says

    Gorgeously stylish x 4!!! I so love every single one of these looks, dear gal – from the tattoo art sandals to the orange blooms, your attention to glamorous, fun, inspiring detail is unparalleled.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. The Fabulous Mrs. Wing says

    I love all of your looks! So pulled together! I’m in the very long process of rebuilding my wardrobe from scratch after having baby #5 and feel so frumpy most days, but these posts always give me hope that eventually I’ll be out of this post-baby frump phase. I particularly love the corsages! It’s a lovely change from a traditional metal brooch. It gives so much color and texture!

  4. Christy Wilson says

    Are you going to Katte Spade website to find the handbags? I adore Kate Spade everything and have a very pretty vintage inspired tote I got from Nordstrom in November for my Birthday. I’m always on the lookout for her!

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