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Ladies, I am feeling fantastic about the blog this week! After being in a bit of a funk I feel excited and inspired, hence why I posted so often. The week started with my post on a picnic on the beach. It continued with no less then three fashion posts! I have decided that “berry” is a trend, I wore my first Trashy Diva dress, and I did a daily outfit round-up. Oh, I just remembered! I also posted my first fashion video on Thursday! I had so much fun making it, but my closet was a disaster when I was through. To relax after my heavy days of blogging I had a Momtail, which is my new favorite drink. I also posted the second in my new weekly series, “Etsy Pick Of The Week”. Tomorrow I will have my “What’s In Store” items up and then on Sunday I will ponder “Why Don’t You”, a fan favorite.

Weekly Links


Did you know that Dita VonTeese is a vintage car collector? She just bought a new one, so she is selling one of her old refurbished cars on eBay! My husband and I want a vintage car so bad, but we have no place to put it. Maybe when the kids are out of the house we will get one and spend our retirement driving it around the streets of Los Angeles.


I found this series on the different types of childcare to be very interesting. Personally I feel the best choice of childcare is the one that feels the best to you. So if you want to stay at home with your kids, that is the best type for you because you decided it. If you want to hire a nanny, then that is the best choice for your kids. Have a great nursery school near you? Go for it! There isn’t one correct way to raise kids and there isn’t one best decision for child care for all children.

kate spade

Did you hear the news? Kate Spade opened a four story flagship store in Manhattan. Check it out!


The press has decided the midi skirt is a trend. Fine by me because I love a midi skirt and have quite a few of them hanging in my closet.


I leave you with a hilarious video of two men who get to experience the pain of childbirth. It is a must watch video.

I hope you all have a glamorous weekend!


  1. Rachel Ward says

    I am new to your blog but an instant fan! Thank you for saying that about mom’s and our right to make our own choices about childcare. I am a stay home mom, but I hate mom bashing, being a mom is hard and mom’s need help and support!
    You are certainly a mom role-model, we do deserve to look great while doing all that we do :)
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. says

    It’s awesome that you feel like your blogging muse has returned in full force this week! Mine sometimes goes on a bit of an extended coffee break and doesn’t return for a while either. It’s only natural really. No matter how much you love doing something, there will always be periods when you’re heart (and attention) is more into than others. All of your posts this week (as always) have been fantastic, dear gal – thank you for sharing your fabulousness with us.

    ♥ Jessica

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