Etsy Pick Of The Week: Kup Kup Land

etsy pick of the week

This week’s Etsy pick is the store Kup Kup Land. I have no idea where Kup Kup Land is but I know I want to live there!

best of etsy 2

I mean check out this adorable collage of a little girl. I adore how Joaquima Casas layered all of the different textures and colors to make the hair. And the ribbon around the neck is so cute!

best of etsy 1

But the real reason I am sharing this boutique with you is due to the landscapes of Kup Kup Land. Seriously. I mean have you ever seen anything quite like that before? I want it!

best of etsy 3

Each scenic art piece is meant to represent an area of Kup Kup Land. These are small pieces, around 15 cm by 15cm and would be perfect displayed in a child’s bedroom. I just adore how she layers each item in the landscape. It reminds me a bit of Willy Wonka, only instead of candy she uses crafting materials. Adorbs!


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