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Thursday, December 27

Obsessed With: Mint Green Kitchens







I’ve been thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets mint green. What do you think? Should I go for it?

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21 Responses

  1. That idea gets my vote for sure! I adore mint green (I have mint green polish on my fingers as we speak) – it’s such a marvelous blend of peaceful and upbeat. As well as being sweet, classic, and completely pretty.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Love these! I’m a big fan of bringing color into the kitchen.

    If you do a kitchen project, I hope you’ll share photos!

  3. Here’s my kitchen with colorful cabinets.

    We had very little money for this remodel, so it’s very budget conscious, but I still enjoy the painted cabinets and butcher block counter tops.

    Just thought I’d share…

    • The Glamourous Housewife says:

      I LOVE it! The open shelves, the painted lower cabinets, the butcher block! It came together perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing :)

      • Thank you. I recently considered painting the cabinets white. For a brief second, I thought it might be too much, but everyone who has come over recently has complimented the cabinets. So, they are staying!


  4. Catherine says:

    I love the mint green, and I say go for it! We just did a big kitchen remodel last January and had the cabinets painted white (they were the builder-grade stained oak.) We hired a contractor and they used acrylic cabinet paint, so the doors and drawers were removed, everything was taped, and the entire kitchen was sealed in a plastic bubble while the painting was done. It took an entire day and smelled like a nail salon, but the results are amazing. If I had done it myself, I’d still be painting. :)

  5. Karen says:

    Those are all beautiful shades of green – go for it! I like the strong red in one of the pics with a red stove. A strong red accent is nice.

    For some reason, I just LOVE this little kitchen I saw in The Kitchn, and she has nice minty green walls and beautiful red chairs. (She gives the source of the chairs in the article.)

  6. Jess says:

    …I didn’t know I liked mint green so much, but goodness these are lovely! Definitely going to be needing a mint-injection to my go-to colours! Especially love the second to last pic, with the red oven and accents – a great twist on the usual aqua/teal/turquoise & red mix. Thank you for sharing this!! xoxo, Jess

  7. Lahryssa Byrd says:

    Mmmhmm!! VERY pretty! I think I shall too. Beautiful!

  8. Desiree says:

    I love it!I vote yes!Goes great with red and lots of Jadeite!

  9. Jill says:

    I adore mint, jadeite, and vaseline glass greens. Nothing fresher in the kitchen than these colours. I say GO GREEN :)

  10. Sydney says:

    The color choice for my kitchen too!


  11. Selina says:

    Mint green is so soothing. Paint the kitchen green!

  12. Amanda says:

    Your faucet is devine!

  13. Shona van Beers says:

    YES DO IT!

  14. Heathre says:

    Yes! Great colour!

  15. […] source unknown image via the glamorous housewife image via whimsical world image via purple-ish […]

  16. carol says:

    Hi can you please tell me where to get the mint green acrylic or glas splash backs thanks

    • The Glamourous Housewife says:

      Are you talking about the one behind the stove? I can be sure, but it looks like a piece of glass, and glass often looks a bit green when placed against white. I would take the picture to a tile or glass store and ask a professional what they think it is.

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