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This glamorous housewife is in need of some serious organization. I thought I would start with my recipes.

This is my original recipe folder. You can see that at one point I tried to be organized by putting the recipes I cut out of magazines or printed off the computer into an accordion file. But after a while they just turned into one jumbled mess.

This is what would happen every time I opened the file. So after a while I stopped opening it. I decided it was time to get my recipes organized, so here is what I did.

I started by organizing my recipes by category. Then I slipped each page into a plastic paper protector. These were then added to a three ring binder. I felt like I was back in school!

I put tabs on each section, and they ended up being the same categories as my Pinterest BoardsSaladsVegetarian Main DishesPoultry and Fishand Desserts. What I think is funny is I started on Pinterest because I was so unsatisfied with the way I organized my recipes and now I have over 2,500 followers! Sometimes being messy is a good thing.

The funnest part was making a collage to decorate the folder. I just cut a few vintage food pictures from one of my vintage magazines and glued them to a piece of computer paper and then slipped it on the top of the folder.

This way when I need some cooking inspiration I can go through some old recipes I had wanted to try. 
Besides Pinterest, how do you organize your recipe collection?
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  1. Karen says

    Ha Ha! My recipes look exactly like yours did! I really do need to take the time and organize them ~ thanks for the reminder. Besides, if something happened to me I think my girls might be a little upset not to be able to find a couple of our family recipes.

  2. Jessica Cangiano says

    Great, straightforward recipe organization system, sweet gal. I love the collage pages – it appeals to the scrapbook artist in me.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Sally says

    I clip mine to Evernote and tag liberally with cuisine, course, healthy (or not!) etc. Handwriting recognition and from text, so scan in real recipe book indexes too. Four years on and still a method that works for me

  4. Jamie says

    Too coincidentally funny! I just started (this past weekend) transferring my recipes from file folders and an accordion file to a binder with sheet protectors. My recipe mess looked quite similar to yours. Now if only I could find the same motivation for the rest of my space…

  5. says

    I have a recipe binder. it was inspired by my ultra-organized friend, Mollie. she has many recipe binders. she can find her way around them, too. I only have one so far, and it’s a work in progress. Pinterest is great fun, but I cluttered up my first attempt with pins of sexy shoes and cute chicken coops. I don’t like the page covers though because I’m always writing my “improvements” on other people’s recipes, so I risk it with bare naked paper.

    • BethanyThe Glamourous Housewife says

      I find if I need to make a note I will just pull the paper out and make a note of it. But I usually stick to a recipe pretty closely. I use Pinterest for all the recipes I find on line.

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