A Vegetarian Rosh Hashana Dinner

This past Sunday and Monday was the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. It is a celebration of the Jewish new year.Two of the major symbols of Rosh Hashanah are apples dipped in honey. I already showed you my Rosh Hashanah decorations so this post is about the vegetarian meal I served to my family and friends.

I knew I wanted to use honey as the theme for the table decorations because I think the yellow looks so festive with the other colors in the room. I have a freakishly large dining room table so tablecloths from the regular stores don’t fit. To solve this dilemma I went to the fabric store and purchased some grey cotton broadcloth on sale and then made four table runners using a floral fabric and stitch witch.

For the table settings I purchased chargers and then spray painted them a dark navy blue. I wanted to have a contrast with all the yellow and grey but I thought the black was too harsh. I loved how the chargers turned out and now I can just spray them another color for the next party!

To create the napkin ring I used large manilla tags and stamped them with a honeycomb and bee stamp. If I had wanted to create a place card I could have written everyone’s names under the stamp but I decided to let everyone sit where they liked.

The dishes are my wedding china, the silver rimmed glasses were purchased on sale at Anthropologie quite a while back and the gold glasses are vintage from the 1950s or 60s and they have a fabulous honeycomb pattern on them.

The flowers were created by my amazingly talented friend and florist Becca of Lily Pad Floral Design in Hermosa beach. I gave her three hobnail milk glass containers and told her my colors were yellow and grey and I wanted Billy Balls in the arrangement and this is what she came up with. They went perfectly with my decor and really made the table look joyous.

I started with a cheese course which was already on the table when my guests arrived. I find this makes life so much easier because that way I am not running around plating food. I can pour my guests a drink, have one (or three) with them as the stragglers arrive, and I am not messing around too much in the kitchen. I made brulee apple slices (a how-to video will be posted next week) to keep with the apple theme of Rosh Hashanah, and had honey in a little glass jar for my guests to drizzle on their cheese and crackers.

Once dinner was served I was quite busy so these were the only photos I managed to take of the actual meal! I made a honey Calvados dressing for my salad which had lettuce, sliced apples, and candied pecans. Then I served a roasted butternut squash soup with a cinnamon sour cream garnish and then for the main course I made the World’s Best Mac and Cheese in individual iron skillets. I forgot to take a picture of dessert which was apple pie and a honey spice cupcake with a salted caramel frosting, but I am going to remake the cupcakes and post the how-to on the blog, so be sure to look out for that post.

As you can see it was a real thrill to have such a fun holiday meal. Though it was for Rosh Hashanah I think this menu and decor could work for any dinner party. Be sure to check out last year’s modern Rosh Hashanah table for a completely different look.


  1. therefinedcool says

    Wow! This is such a refreshing color palette. The bouquets are beautiful and the gold vintage honeycomb glasses are the perfect touch!!

  2. Jessica Cangiano says

    This is one of the most beautiful holiday table settings I’ve ever seen. So elegant, serene, and timelessly lovely. You have a true gift for table decor, my dear.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Ann says

    How very beautiful! It’s wonderful that you honor your family traditions in such a lovely way. I know it means a lot to everyone involved–a true labor of love!

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