Entertaining: 2 Year Old Boy’s Birthday Party

My wonderful sister-in-law threw her son a 2 year old ‘Digger’ party and it was awesome, so I had to share it with all of you kittens. Her son is really into large trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and he especially loves to dig in the dirt. After searching for inspiration she found this blog post that she thought was perfect to emulate.

So they put a large tarp down and then dumped a bunch of dirt on it. A few plastic bugs and worms were hidden amongst the sod and they sprinkled the area with buckets, toys trucks, and shovels.

Here is my nephew having the time of his life, playing with the huge dirt pile his parents created for him. How cute is that!

Here is the cake and party favor table. I adore the boxes she used for the favors.

I think all the personal touches she added to the display, like the thank you stickers and the yellow hard hats really took this party to a whole new level. The kids were adorable when they put the hats on.

Loving this cake design! Especially the candy piled up to look like rocks.
Here is the snack table. Isn’t the truck banner so chic! My sister-in-law thinks of everything.
Needless to say everyone had a wonderful time. What I am taking away from her decor is this: use your computer and printer to create fantastic banners, cards, stickers, and other details that really create a continuity that is appreciated by all your party attendees. Or you can do like my sister-in-law did and have a graphic designer send you a party packet. She found hers here.. I also learned little kids are thrilled by the simplest of things, even something as mundane as a pile of dirt can become the centerpiece for a kids birthday celebration. Whether you diy the decorations yourself, or you pay someone to help with the printing, attention to detail is always glamorous.

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  1. Jessica Cangiano says

    This looks like such an absolute blast! I know that my little brother would have adored a party like this when he was a youngster. So much fun, thanks for inviting us along! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    • The Glamorous Housewife says

      I think most little boys would love a party like this one. I only wish I had thought of it when my boys were younger.

  2. le_third says

    what a clever mommy she is :) we did a pirates one not so long back – it was a hit – lots of bandanas and eye patched and we played water bomb the daddies – hat was good for a laugh :) best le xox

    • The Glamorous Housewife says

      I think every birthday party should include water bomb the daddies! Best idea ever!

  3. Jennifer Carroll says

    So fun and I agree! Continuity can make all the difference from drab to fab and this is fab!! The kids look so happy and at the end of the party that’s all that matters :-) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kerry says

    Can you give me the source for the Brown treat boxes? I can’t find any!! Totally doing this theme for my tractor obsessed toddler’s 2nd birthday party!

  5. lauren says

    I am abt to have a 2nd birthday party for my son and it ia dump truck themed. Do you know what kind of candy the rocks are on the cake and do you know where she got the pics for banner and dig in picture?


    • BethanyThe Glamourous Housewife says

      A little book called I Am A Dump Truck and a construction shaped crayon (Etsy), 1-2 tiny play-dohs and construction shaped cookie cutter (Etsy).

  6. MF says

    I love these ideas and the dirt would be an absolute blast for a toddler. But in all honesty, how messy was it? I’m shuddering at the thought of a bunch of kiddos tracking dirt all over my yard and house.

    • BethanyThe Glamourous Housewife says

      The kids were regulated to the yard so they didn’t come in the house. As for dirty, it really wasn’t that bad because there was no mud involved. THAT would have been a disaster.

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