Thanksgiving Table Decor Idea

A few weeks ago was the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. If you recall I had 14 people over for a meal, which went swimmingly. I purposely didn’t write about the table decor because I thought it would be perfect inspiration for Thanksgiving. Now that it is November I am ready to show you dolls how I decorated my table.

I started by laying the table with some burlap I got at my local fabric store. I thought the rough texture would look great for the woodsy/leaf theme I was going for. Next I ran some burgundy cloth down the middle of the table and placed a row of twig placemats on the fabric to create a runner.

For each place setting I started with a leaf placemat. On top of that went a large brown plate, followed by a napkin, then a smaller ivory plate, and then each person got an individual floral arrangement which sat on the ivory plate.

As you can see, the flowers were arranged in small multicolored pumpkins! Isn’t that cute! As an aside, if you choose to recreate this look, don’t use small multicolored pumpkins. It turns out they are actually gourds and were too hard to cut with a knife. My husband had to use his drill with a special bit to hollow out a space! If I were to do it again I would use regular orange pumpkins.

Here is a snap of what the place setting looked like without the white plates and pumpkin floral arrangements. You see, my table is a standard size, and I wanted to serve family style with the food down the middle- hence the runner. I realized there was nowhere to put the flower arrangements once we started serving food! So I let everyone admire the decor and then whisked the flowers away to a table I had set up purposely to hold the arrangements. As the guests went home they took their pumpkins with them as a parting gift!

Speaking of the food, you can see how it was placed down the center of table. I find this can be a very intimate way of serving because guests have to interact with each other as they pass the dishes, and they are not constantly getting up to serve themselves from a buffet. I find my serving dishes at various places, but Home Goods has fantastic items at low prices. It is the first place I go if I need something new.

And that, my dears, was my autumn inspired table decor. Did it give you any inspiration for your Thanksgiving feast? I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing how you decorated your Thanksgiving tables in a few weeks.


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