Fashion Models of the 1950’s

(all photos from My Vintage Vogue)

This week’s theme is: Fashion Models of the 1950’s. I was inspired to do this theme when Fleur posted this on her amazing blog and it got me searching all over the internet for the answer! I realized I knew next to nothing about the girls I have been drooling over for the past few months, so I figured I would do more research on them and post it here. I picked my top 5, but I ran into so many amazing models that I will try to mention them if I have time. I hope you enjoy this week’s theme!

Update: Here are the links to the two posts I did on 1950s Fashion Models:
Jean Patchett

For more beautiful women, check out my Glamorous Eccentric series.


  1. Lapetitemort says

    Fun! I cannot wait to learn more, using you for your research talents since I am mired in chaos. =)

    Thank you!!

  2. Louise says

    They did their own hair and make-up back then too, so were responsible for creating their own ‘look’. Love these pics.

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