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Tuesday, September 2

The 1920′s


How to be a 1920s Housewife 


1920s Fashion 


1920s Make Up


How to Add Deco Glamour to Your Home


Making it Modern: Stuffed Cabbage 

Monday, September 1

Fall Fashion: Classic Simple

classic simple 1.1

Earlier this year I wrote a post about the 4 different types of classic women: Modern, Preppy, Vintage, and Glamorous. I have since added two more types: Simple and Bohemian. This idea of separating classic style into categories came about when I was pondering what the difference was between a classic look and vintage look. I realized that many women dress in a classic way, but with a twist. For me that twist is usually in the vintage category though I often fall into the preppy and bohemian looks as well. I also came to the conclusion that many clothing items can be placed in almost all the categories, it just depends on how you wear them! For the next six weeks I will be going over each type of classic woman in more detail and include a list of suggested items for the fall. Enjoy!

classic simple 2

So what is the definition of “classic-simple”? This is essentially wearing classic basics in one outfit without much in the way of embellishment. I would venture to say that pretty much every woman has worn classic-simple outfits. Heck even Dita Von Teese, the epitome of “classic-glamour”, ventures into classic-simple from time to time (seen below). Personally I subscribe to a closet with a well curated set of basics and then I add in the pieces that give my outfits some pizzazz. 

classic simple 5

Normally I would say Dita falls into the classic glamour category but in the above outfit she has toned it down and with the exception of the purse, her outfit is quite normal! I often wear something similar in my day to day life and consider a full skirt with a tee shirt one of my uniforms. Because the world is so casual these days, just the addition of a skirt can take your outfit from the mundane to the sublime! You would be shocked at how people view a skirt as “fancy” even though they are usually way more comfortable than pants! 

classic simple 3

Classic-simple is an easy way to dress when you aren’t super into fashion but you want to look elegant and be comfortable at the same time. It is also a way to save money on your clothing because you are usually purchasing items that are not trend setting and therefore can be worn for years. Once of my favorite author/bloggers, Jennifer L. Scott of The Daily Connoisseur  is a perfect example of someone who is classic-simple. She has a 10 piece wardrobe that is heavily edited so each item is timeless, classic, and easily worn while taking care of two young girls. For more about her style and her 10 Item philosophy, check out her amazing YouTube channel HERE

classic simple 4

I decided to start this series with classic-basic because it is the beginning of the fall fashion season and there are a lot of wonderful items to choose from that will last for  along time. The following suggestions aren’t flashy, but they are essential to a wardrobe because if you have them in your closet you will always have something chic to wear at any given time. 

Classic Simple 5

Date Night in Paris Dress 

Classic Simple 4

Stripe Ballet Tee

Classic Simple 8

Composed Commute Skirt 

Classic Simple 6

I love Your Dress in Plum

Classic Simple 2

Cashmere Audrey Sweater 

Classic Simple

Seasonless Wool Pencil Skirt 

Classic Simple 3

Weekend Cotton Graphic Stripes Tee

Classic Simple 7

Early Morning Dewdrops Dress

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Sunday, August 31

The Best of August


The end of summer is upon us, and though it is my favorite season my thoughts are starting to turn to autumn revelry. But I am not quite ready to say goodbye to summer. So here is a round-up of my favorite posts from August. If you were as busy as I was you might have missed a few great posts, so now is your chance to catch up.

inspired-summer-45 (1)

Inspired Summer #45: Continue To Be Inspired 

This summer I wrote 45 inspirational posts so this could be your best summer ever. Here is the complete list so you can continue to be inspired all year long. 


Chai Apple Pie 

This was hands-down my best apple pie ever. The link to the pie crust recipe alone is worth the click through.

vintage office

Back to School Supplies for Adults 

I am in the process of getting my desk area together and am always searching for glamorous office supplies. Here is a list of my favorites.


Transitional Florals 

Floral patterns are a year round favorite. They are chic any time of year and are the perfect thing to purchase for your summer to autumn transitional wardrobe.

7 summer salads

7 Summer Salads

Though the kids might be back in school, the summer produce is still going strong. Here are 7 of my favorite salads that I have been eating all month long.


The $1000 Challenge: Transportation Savings 

In July I introduced a new series where one woman attempts to cut $1000 off of her monthly budget. The first category she tackled was transportation. Click through to see how much she was able to save.


From The Ground Up: Outdoor Inspiration 

Did you know I am building a home? Here are some of the images that are inspiring both myself and my architect as we design the home.


The Best Gift For Teachers 

I got some push-back for this craft because some thought it was just too messy for a teacher’s gift. But I stand by my assertion that a gift card is the best gift you can give to a teacher and I still think this is a cute way to present it.

london broil 2.1

Marinated London Broil With Caramelized Onions 

Here is a family favorite that I have been making since I was a little girl. If you eat meat this is a must try recipe.

bold-color-1 (1)

At Home With: Bold Color! 

I adore bold colors, both to wear and to have in my home. Here is a great post on how you too can incorporate it into your own home.

Smores 6

7 Mouthwatering Smores Ideas 

Last we have a S’more round-up that was inspired by National S’more day! 

For those of you who are regular The Glamorous  Housewife readers, I have some exciting posts planned for September. I decided the theme of the month will be “spirituality” which incorporates aspects of gratitude, sanctuary, and stress relief. I will also be bringing you the best of fall fashion in the guise of the 6 types of classic women. I had originally thought there were only 4 types of classic ladies, but have added two more so be sure to stay tuned to see which type of classic woman you are.

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