spring espadrilles

Skip Into Spring With Espadrilles!

Espadrilles are the perfect shoe to wear all summer long. Here is a curated collection of the best espadrilles on the market right now! Espadrilles are my warm weather shoe of choice. I adore this classic style because they look glamorous with everything including light vintage inspired frocks and sassy capri pants. If you have […]

Trashy Diva Green Polka Dots 5.2

Tropical Reverie With Trashy Diva

The tropical rainforest in Costa Rica is an unexpected yet magical setting for a glamorous Trashy Diva frock. For those who follow me on my social media, especially Instagram, you already know I spent the second week of April in the rainforest of Costa Rica. Most of my time was spent relaxing by the pool, riding […]

saving money on laundry

6 Smart Ways To Save On Laundry Expenses

Here are six ways you can save on laundry expenses without going naked! Just because I have to spend time on laundry doesn’t mean I have to spend a lot of money on it. Think about it. You have to pay for utilities, laundry supplies, and sometimes even professional services. Water, detergent, fabric softener & […]

garden save money

Does A Garden Actually Save You Money?

Does a garden actually save you money or are you spending more on growing your own food then you would at a grocery store? Lexi DeRock answers this age old question. Today I want to talk about growing your own food and whether it’s a worthwhile way to supplement your food budget.  Now, before I […]

spring decorating idea vintage tea cup birds nest 6.2

Spring Decoration Idea: Vintage Tea Cup DIY

By embellishing a vintage tea cup with a bird and nest, you can easily make a delightful spring decoration for your home! Happy spring everyone!  I have a simple spring DIY using a vintage tea cup. I found the inspiration for this project from this Pin that I had added to one of my boards and […]

falling off the budget wagon 1

Falling Off The Budget Wagon

Sometimes an opportunity arises that can derail you from your budget plans. Here is Lexi DeRock’s story of how she fell off the budget wagon, and why it ended up being a very good thing. Hey Folks! So I want to talk about falling off the proverbial wagon of budgeting, getting back up, dusting yourself […]

spring pom pom tutorial

Spring Pom Pom Garland Tutorial

Decorate your home for spring using this simple spring pom pom garland tutorial. Above photographs via the amazing Dottie Angel. The kids were pretty disappointed when we had to pack up our Christmas tree but I promised that we’d decorate for spring this year to make up for it. I started spring cleaning a little […]

how to fold a fitted sheet 1.2

How To Properly Fold A Fitted Sheet

Does folding a fitted sheet exasperate you? Me too! So I came up with a brand new, never been seen before, way to properly fold a fitted sheet! Welcome back to “New Video Wednesday”!  Every Wednesday I upload a new video to my YouTube Channel (be sure to subscribe!) with a fun tip or trick […]

vintage easter eggs main

Vintage Easter Eggs Tutorial

 These vintage Easter eggs are easy to make and beautiful to look at, plus they will last year after year (if you don’t break them)! Spring is just around the corner and we’ll all soon be enjoying fresh cut flowers, rainy afternoons and all of the delights of a warmer season. This week, the kids […]

carmen miranda fashion inspiration 2

Classic Style Icon: Carmen Miranda

Ladies, I love me some Carmen Miranda! Isn’t she just gorgeous? Those wide set eye, those long perfect nails, that hat! But Ms. Miranda was much more than a pretty face. She had talent! Did you know that in 1945 she was the highest paid woman in the United States? Considering her look was highly […]

vintage easter party ideas 16.1

Vintage Easter Party

Here is everything you might need to throw a vintage inspired Easter party. It includes decor, party favor, and food ideas. One of the most difficult things about being a Jew is not being able to participate in the pomp and circumstance that surround Christian holidays.  For example, Easter has the best decorations and food; […]

personal expenses

$1000 Challenge: Personal Expenses

Follow one woman’s journey as she attempts to cut $1000 a month off of her budget. How much did she save this time? Personal expenses can be a point of contention between couples.   This month, I will show you that if you set a budget, use cash, and plan ahead, you can save big. […]

chicken pomodoro 2.1

Chicken Pomodoro In The Crock Pot

In this video I teach you a cool trick to elevate your slow cooker meals and teach you how to make Chicken Pomodoro in the crock pot! It is new video Wednesday! Today I am going to show you a neat trick I learned which will take your crock pot and slow cooker recipies to […]

classic nautical style

Nautical Style For The Classic Woman

Hello sailor! Classic nautical style is the perfect way to be both chic and comfortable in your casual daily life. If you have been following me for a while then you will know I absolutely adore classic nautical style.  I seriously have a ridiculous amount of clothing in red,white, and blue and many of them […]

easy strawberry rhubarb meringue pie 5

Classic Strawberry Rhubarb Meringue Pie- With A Twist!

This classic strawberry rhubarb meringue pie is a spring classic. I add a flavor twist to the meringue which makes it even better! My paternal grandmother was the most extraordinary baker.  Unfortunately her talent wasn’t passed on to me. My cooking skills are fabulous, but my baking skills…….not so much. I have spent the last […]