laundry room storage 3

Simplified Laundry Room Storage

Simplifying your laundry room storage ends up making the task quicker and more enjoyable. Don’t believe me? Just try it yourself to find out. Laundry… the one cleaning task that has to get done every day, sometimes several times a day depending on the size of your family. Dirty clothes seem to multiply despite our […]

how to make your own shampoo

Budgeting: Make It, Don’t Buy It!

Making your own shampoo is a fantastic way to save money! Read on to see how to make your own shampoo, laundry detergent, and doggy shampoo. Hello again my money savvy friends! Today we’re gonna talk about some of those little things that suck up our budget without us even noticing. Surely you’ve all heard […]

Sharon-Tate-bohemian fashion

Classic Style Icon: Sharon Tate

One of my current goals is to get off the internet more and try to add a little “culture” into my life. And then I got sick. For three weeks. Culture had to be put on hold.  Because I have been spending an excessive time in bed, I have been trying to watch things that […]

old fashioned lemon meringue pie 1.2

Old Fashioned Lemon Meringue Pie

This old fashioned lemon meringue pie tastes like spring! Perfect to get you out of your winter funk. I know many of you are buried under what must feel like miles of snow, but here in Southern California we have our first sign of spring: Meyer Lemons! Every February I await the return of the […]

how to clean cast iron

How to Care for Cast Iron

Don’t be intimidated by cast iron! Here is how to care for cast iron and why it is an amazing tool to have in your kitchen. Today I want to share some simple tips on how to care for cast iron pans. I never used these pans because I was always under the impression that […]

grace kelly

Classic Style Icon: Grace Kelly

Classic style icon Grace Kelly was both a renowned actress as well as a princess, but she was also a wife and a mother. Her causal glamour can be inspiration for your own classic wardrobe. I have written about my beloved Grace Kelly a few times here on The Glamorous Housewife, mainly because as a […]

The Glamorous Housewife 8

Casual Classic Outfits

I’ve sort of climbed back on the fashion wagon! When I first started The Glamorous Housewife it was because I was searching for others like myself who loved vintage, and retro styled clothing. I didn’t have any friends that were as interested in vintage as I was and thought it might be fun to blog […]

vintage style furniture sources

Vintage Style Furniture Sources

  Loving vintage can at times make you feel a bit like a glutton for punishment. So many fabulous home goods have been manufactured in the past, and yet over the course of time have become rare and difficult to find. In the past, I have labeled myself as a bit of a “treasure hunter,” […]

5 Ways To Cut Big Bucks Off Your Budget

5 Ways To Cut Big Bucks From Your Budget

Here are 5 ways to save big bucks from your budget. It is amazing how much you can save if you just ask! Hello again my thrifty friends!  Last time we went over how to divide up your extra money at the end of each month and put it to work.  But as promised today […]

classic style icon audrey hepburn

Class Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Was there anyone with a classier style than Audrey Hepburn? The doldrums of winter are upon us. I am so tired of my long pants and sweaters and I yearn for my brightly patterned summer frocks. But unfortunately the weather won’t be cooperating with my fashion needs. I have been actively searching for some fashion […]


Why Don’t You….Valentine’s Day Edition

Why Don’t You… Wear Long Scarlet Gloves And All Of Your Bracelets To A Romantic Dinner With Your Spouse? Serve Your Loved One Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed? Decorate Your Wall With 3D Paper Hearts? Drink A Rose Petal Martini?    Get Your Nails Done As Hearts? Wear a Red Midi Skirt On Valentines Day? […]

mint fashion classic woman

Mint Fashion For The Classic Woman

Mint is the perfect transitional color from winter to spring because it reminds us of the crisp feeling we get when eating a peppermint, but the bright pastel also brings to mind the young foliage that is about to bloom. I love all shades of mint because they are the sister of my favorite color: […]


The All New Glamorous Housewife!

Ladies, I am tingling with anticipation because today is the day I am announcing my brand new website design! This has been four months in the making and I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to finally unveil the new look! Joelle Reeder of Moxie Design Studios has outdone herself with […]