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Friday, November 21

Something Inspirational Every Glamorous Housewife Should Own!

inspirational mugs

A few weeks ago I requested those who are subscribed to my newsletter to please write to me and tell me what their biggest challenge is as a homekeeper. So many of you wrote to me complaining about the exact same thing and I heard you loud and clear.

The thing keeping you from total bliss was the lack of Glamorous Housewife merchandise on the market! 

The clamoring to purchase anything with the Glamorous Housewife on it was palpable. It was like there was nothing on market for housewives to drink their coffee and tea, cover their iPhones, or to write down their to-do lists! 

inspirational notebooks

Well dolls, I have finally created the products you are all so keen to purchase. Using the original five permutations of The Glamorous Housewife as art and adding some of my favorite quotes, I have created inspirational mugs, iPhone cases, and notebooks so you too can be a glamorous housewife! 

Today I am thrilled to announce the grand opening of The Glamorous Housewife Shoppe


If you click through you will see a cornucopia of mugs with different Glamorous Housewife images, each matched with a special quote to help you elevate every single cup of coffee.

inspirational mug

Who wouldn’t want to drink out of that everyday?

I know you are asking yourself how you possibly managed to go this long without a Glamorous Housewife mug in your life. Trust me, I totally understand the sentiment. I ordered myself a few of them to make sure the quality was up to par, and I just didn’t understand how mundane my life was until I took a sip of my tea out of the large one. I swear the tea tasted better in my Glamorous Housewife mug than it ever did in my regular cup. Before that life altering moment my tea was something I drank because I preferred it to coffee. But after drinking it out of my new mug it was as if my tea leaves were dancing the Viennese waltz with the soy milk in perfect cadence. It was transcendent. 

inspirational iPhone case

Be inspired every time you use your phone!

But the mugs were nothing compared to the charming iPhone case! Every time I answer my phone I smile because I adore being reminded to fall in love with my life. I’m even thinking of gluing on a few rhinestones onto the center of the flowers. Wouldn’t that be captivating? 

inspirational notebook

Become glamorously organized!

For those of you who are list makers like myself, I have two different versions of inspirational notepads! The first (seen in the 2nd picture of this post) has The Glamorous Housewife beliefs embedded on the cover so you never forget that you are a classy and classic woman. The second, seen above, is meant to help you organize your time using a list/time block combination.

the glamorous housewife 4.1

Instead of just having lined paper, this notebook has a few lines, dots that create both lines and graphs, and on the side there are boxes where you block schedule your time so you can get more done in your day! I have been using mine for a few weeks and it has been life altering


 I might be exaggerating just a little bit. What, me gush? Never!

$25 Etsy card sweepstakes just for shopping with me!

Because I am so excited about my new venture into housewares, I want to celebrate with you dolls! Therefore the first 100 people to buy anything from The Glamorous Housewife Shoppe will be entered to win a $25 Etsy gift card! Each item you purchase will let you enter your name one time. So if you purchase one notebook you are entered one time. If you buy a notebook, a mug, and an iPhone case, you are entered three times, and so on and so forth. Once I reach 100 customers, I will do a drawing and contact the winner via email. If that person doesn’t respond to my email in 72 hours I will draw again and so on and so forth until somebody claims the prize. This is open to anyone, anywhere in the world but you must be 18 or older to participate. 

Thursday, November 20

DIY Clock Using Vintage Objects

By Emileigh Rogers

With the holidays coming up, it’s about time to start thinking about presents for others (if you haven’t already!). Some of the most difficult gifts to come up with, for me, are gifts to give the men in my life. However, after trying this tutorial to make clocks a couple times, I’m convinced this DIY project may have to be my man-gift go-to!

I’ve actually done the tutorial twice below to show you the process using a different item as the “base” of the clock. The options for what can be turned into a clock are endless, and you can be creative in deciding what your giftee would appreciate in a clock! I used an old cigar box and a piece of scrap wood advertisement, but, basically, if you can drill a hole in it, you can make it a clock!


To make a clock, all you will need is an item to turn into a clock, a drill (with a bit appropriate for whatever you’re drilling through), and a clock face kit. (Clock face kits are available at most craft stores.) If you would like to hang the clock on the wall when you’re done, then you’ll also need picture hangers.


The first step is to decide where on the item you would like the clock face to be. When you find a placement you like, mark the center point of the clock hands. Carefully drill a hole on that point that is just large enough for the clock mechanism to fit through.


Next, take the motor part of the clock mechanism and push it through the hole you just drilled. The battery pack should be on the back of your clock item. If you find the hole you drilled is a bit large for the clock mechanism and it won’t stay in place, just add a dab of glue on each side of the hole and glue the motor to the back of your clock base.


Lastly, attach the clock hands to the motor piece as the kit directions show you. If you’d like to hang the clock on the wall, this would be the time to attach the hangers.


You just made a unique, one of a kind clock!

Yes, it really is as simple as drill, put in the motor, and attach the clock hands! Just to show you how easy it is, I’ll go through the process one more time using a different clock base item: a piece of scrap wood advertisement.


First, decide where you’d like the clock to be placed on the item. I wanted to keep the advertising prominent, so I opted for putting the clock on the left side of the wood. Drill a hole.


Push the motor mechanism through the hole you just drilled.


Attach the clock hands as the directions show you.


Voila! Another amazing clock!

I love how deceitfully high end this project can look. It’s easy to make a fabulous, one of a kind statement piece for the man cave, garage, or office that ties in a guy’s interests or hobby, all in just a few steps! The possibilities of what can be turned into a clock are endless. Some other items I thought could work well are a vintage oilcan, an old radio, a camera, a hubcap, or a vintage lunchbox. If you can drill a hole in it and conceal the clock motor behind it, it can be a clock for that special guy!

25 days of holiday inspiration!

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Wednesday, November 19

When Drinking Becomes A Problem

drinking problem 4.1

About a week ago I had a big dinner for some of my friends and family. I decided to create a fancy meal of spare ribs, potatoes and two types of salad. The table was set with a gorgeous gold and purple display and I was proud of the meal I had made. I thought I would celebrate early with an afternoon aperitif and then proceeded to continue to drink until I ended up passing out around 9:00 pm.

I woke up around 3:00am with a headache I wouldn’t wish on my worst nightmare. I was dizzy, and sick, and ended up being bedridden with a hangover until around noon. It was neither cute nor glamorous. If this were a one time event, I probably wouldn’t be writing about it. But honestly, with the exception of the brutal hangover, this is what happens to me pretty much every Friday night.

I love to drink. I love cocktails and champagne and wine. I love the feeling of total relaxation and happiness and spontaneity and laughter that all comes from being hammered. When I drink I feel like I am more myself than when I am sober, and I like that feeling. No, I don’t like it, I adore it!

Slowly the Friday night drinking was also happening on Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday. It wasn’t quite as bad, but I would have around three glasses of wine a night. I found if I ate a large meal before going to bed then hangovers weren’t a problem. As a matter of fact, the reason my last hangover was so brutal was because I hadn’t eaten anything since around 2:00 in the afternoon the day before! So stupid.

At first it was fun. I thought I was a better mother because I wasn’t nearly as wound up when I had a few drinks. I was the fun mom! The mom who would put on music and we would have impromptu dance parties. The mom who didn’t get angry when something went wrong. I was so cool.

But then 3:00 would roll around on a day I didn’t really feel like drinking and suddenly I was pouring myself a glass of wine, just out of habit. Or I would be annoyed because I wanted a glass of wine but knew I couldn’t until after 5:30 because I had to drive my daughter too and from dance class. Drinking was becoming an issue, and it was something I didn’t really want to acknowledge.

I was the fun one! The one who was always up for a good time. The one who people liked at their dinner parties because I was fairly interesting to talk to and I love to make people laugh. But without alcohol I was just another guest. I wasn’t as quick with a witty retort or a funny story. I was more subdued and appropriate. Without the alcohol I am, dare I say it, boring.

If I stop drinking, who am I? Am I still special? Will people still want to be my friend?

drinking problem 3.1

I am not proud of these feelings, but they are real and they are mine. What becomes of the person who goes from the party girl to the what? The teetotaler? The alcoholic? Who wants that girl at a party?

Plus I wasn’t really an alcoholic. I mean I never drank before 3:00pm. It didn’t really affect my day to day living. Until it did. Until I wanted a drink at 10:30. Until I couldn’t get out of bed because I was hungover and sick and my little girl came in and asked me why I didn’t feel well. She wanted her mommy and I couldn’t be there for her! I have never felt so low in my life.

But one bad morning? Is that alcoholism? Do I really have a problem?

I don’t hide my drinking, or drive while intoxicated, or make a total fool out of myself, or act inappropriately. I don’t even usually get hung over. But alcohol has turned from a fun thing to do once in a while, to an almost daily event, and I have found when I don’t really want to drink I do anyway because it makes me feel so good. So yes, I think I have a problem.

They say the first step is acknowledging that there is a problem in the first place. For over a year I have known, deep down, that my alcohol was an issue, but I didn’t want to do anything about it. I even sort of tried cutting back, but after a few weeks I just gave up and went back to my regular habits.

drinking problem 2

So ladies, this is it. This is my big announcement, mainly to myself- I have to stop drinking. Have. To. Stop. Drinking. I have to face the fact that alcohol is controlling me and not the other way around. That I can’t just have one drink because if I have one then I have three.

I am not so far gone that I have to go to a treatment facility. At least I don’t think I do. Time will tell. But I figured I share so much of my life on this blog, I might as well share this. Because even though I am ashamed of my weakness, and scared of being clean, maybe there is another person reading this blog and thinking to herself, “oh my goodness! That is my story too”. And maybe others will have a different issue that is similar to drinking- like overeating, or smoking pot, or some other vice and realize that it has stopped being recreational and has become a big ugly habit. And deep down, I just wanted to put this out into the world because by admitting it publicly, maybe I can get the discipline and willpower to make a positive change in my life. Thank you for listening.

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