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Friday, December 19

Crazy Copper Menorah DIY

menorah DIY 1.1

Last year I saw this cool copper and wood candle holder on Pinterest and thought to myself, “that would make a cool menorah”. I showed it to my husband and the next day he came back with all the components needed to made a crazy copper menorah! What a sweetheart!

Unfortunately by the time I got around to making it, Hanukkah was essentially over and I never ended up posting about it. 

As I pulled out the Hanukkah decorations this year, I found all the pieces of the menorah and decided to try again. Though it ended up a bit wonky, I swear it looks better in real life then in these pictures. The warm copper contrasts nicely with the light wood and the whole thing glows when the candles are lit.

menorah DIY 4.1


  • 1-2 wood dowels cut into 18 pieces about 2.5 inches long. 
  • 17 copper t-joints
  • 3 copper flat joints

menorah DIY 2.1

Start by putting a wood dowel into the top of a t-joint and the side of the t-joint. Then both dowels connect to another t-joint. The shamash candle holder is made by adding one of the flat copper pieces to the top of a dowel. This will hold the candle higher than the rest of the menorah.

menorah DIY 3.1

I found the easiest way for it to stand up was to zig-zag the places where the joints met as seen above. I’m not sure how kosher this is for a menorah, but the effect is pretty cool!

menorah DIY 5.1

I found the best candles to use are the Shabbat candles that can be found in most American grocery stores. I had to shave the bottoms off just a bit for them to fit and then they held beautifully! 

Happy Hanukkah!


Friday, December 19

$50 Mod Cloth Gift Card Give-Away!


Ladies, I decided to save the best for last.

Today concludes the week’s worth of give-aways here on The Glamorous Housewife. I really appreciate each and every one of you, so I decided to give away a $50 gift card to one of my dear readers to celebrate how much you all mean to me. This has been an incredible year here on the blog, and I thank all of you for brightening my life with your funny comments and wise remarks. You teach me ten times more than I could ever teach you. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

If you haven’t had a chance to enter the other 4 contests, it isn’t too late! Feel free to enter as many or as few as you like!

  • Monday: Four Vintage Fashion Books (open now!)
  • Tuesday: Virginia Robinson Garden Book & The Glamorous Housewife Mug (open now!)
  • Wednesday: Silhouette Portrait Electronic Cutting Tool (open now!)
  • Thursday: LeKeux Cosmetic Gift Set (International) (open now!)
  • Friday: $50 ModCloth Gift Card (International)
  • Internet hugs and kisses! Good luck!

    Thursday, December 18

    Almost Effortless Vintage Chalkboard Tray!

    By Emileigh Rogers

    This is my first Christmas in my own home, and I realized I had very little in the way of Christmas décor.  I love bringing vintage inspiration to my pieces, and it’s even better if I can do it by upcycling an old item into something I can use.  This chalkboard tray does both!  It makes an unusable, ugly tray or pan and turns it into cute Christmas décor!


    For this project you’ll need a glue gun, a tray or pan (I’ll show how both look), ribbon, chalkboard paint, chalk, a brush, scissors, ribbon, and any accent items you would like to use.  I am using glittery pinecones. I also recommend this for any tray-like kitchen items you have that have been blackened, warped, or otherwise ruined along the way.  It’s a great way to bring new life to an unusable piece!


    First, thoroughly wash your tray or pan to make sure it is free of dirt and debris.  Dry completely before moving to the next step.


    Next, brush on a layer of chalkboard paint.  Wait ‘til it dries, then paint another coat or two if necessary.  Both of my metal pieces required two coats, but you may need more if you’re covering a picture on the tray, for example, or using a tray made of a different material.


    While that is drying, you can work on the accent pieces.  I made ribbon bows for both of my versions, one large bow and one small bow.


    When the paint is dry, hot glue the ribbon bow onto a corner of the tray.  I also artfully arranged and glued the ends of the ribbons so they didn’t dangle in front of the words on the chalkboard.


    Glue any accent items you would like onto the tray.  I glued the pinecones into the opposite corner of the bow.  Add some fun holiday phrases in chalk and your tray is complete!


    This is a really simple project that has a lot of possibilities for upcycling, seasonal décor, and matching your home.  The hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry!  It could also be a great way to use any kitschy Christmas knick knacks you have in a useful, focal-point way.  If you leave the accents and ribbon more neutral, you can even use it for other holidays or leave it up year round!


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