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Friday, January 23

Budgeting Basics: Assign Your $ A Job!

Continuing our budgeting basics series by teaching you to assign all of your money a specific job.

Budgeting Basics

By Lexi DeRock

Hello lovely readers!

So, if you have been a good little student and done your homework then you’ve already made a list of your expenses big and small, you’ve plugged them into your spreadsheet or trusty notebook and you’re wondering what to do next when it comes to budgeting basics!

Well now it’s time to take whatever money is left over at the end of the month and assign it a job.  Now I hear some of you saying “What money left over!?” and you sound very much like myself.  Don’t worry, I know it can be overwhelming, but pull up your big girl britches and keep pushing through and you’ll get there!

Budgeting Basics
If you’ve done up your budget and you haven’t got anything left at the end, or worse you haven’t got enough to make the bills then it’s time to make cuts wherever you can and figure out other ways to bring in cash.

Can you get your food budget down?
What about transport?
Are you buying a coffee on the way to work when you could make one?
Are you buying name brand where you could be buying generic?
Could you buy in bulk and save?
Pick up an extra shift at work or make something you can sell in your spare time?

There are heaps of ways to spend less and make more and over our time together  I’ll show you how I’ve done it and what I find works and isn’t worth the bother but that is a post of a different color my chicken!

Today’s post is about what to do with the extra money you do have above and beyond your expenses each month so if that’s not you, sit this one out and I’ll get back to you soon!  I promise!

Budgeting Basics

Budgeting Basics: Give Your Money A Job!

So you’ve got some moolah left after your expenses and now you want to know what I mean when I say it needs to be put to work.

Well simply put, this is when it’s time to take that money and give it a job. 

Add categories to your budget such as vacation, emergency savings, long term saving for things like a mortgage or car, short term savings for things like a new winter coat.  Think of things you want to start saving for like a kids college fund or investing in stock or buying a pool for the back yard this summer. 

Even if you don’t have heaps to put into those accounts it’ll add up bit by bit instead of getting spent of things you don’t need or even want but buy on impluse.  I recommend you put this money in envelopes like the other money you are planning to save so it doesn’t accidentally get spent.

This one is important so listen close!  Put money into your fun fund.  Fun fund you ask?  Yep, some of your money should go toward having fun so that you don’t feel like all you ever do is budget.  Even if you can only put $1 a week into your fun fund, do it!  And spend it!  How much fun can I have with $1 you ask? 

Treat a friend to a soft serve from McDonalds and go for a walk.
Stop by a dollar store a pick up so bubbles or jacks or other kids game and play like you did when you were little and a dollar made you feel rich!
Shop at the discount end of the drug store and pick up a cheap nail polish and paint your toes or thow it down on the dream of a lotto ticket.

Just do something that makes you happy with whatever your fun budget is and remember the better you stick to your budget the more money you’ll soon have and the bigger that fun budget can be!

Budgeting Basics
So get to it folks! 

Start dividing up your money and set it off to work!  And put aside a little of that fun money and go WILD! 

Next time I’ll talk about ways I’ve found to save money for those of us who fit into the “What money left over?” camp.  I got your back sista!

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Wednesday, January 21

Upcycled Jar Vase

By Emileigh Rogers

I have a collection of glass containers sitting in my house.  They aren’t fancy; they’re just glass containers like spaghetti sauce jars and a cracked pitcher.  I can’t bear to throw them away, but they’re awfully plain and ugly on their own.  This tutorial is a way to glam up any odd glass containers you may have about and turn them into fashionable home décor!

jar 2


- metallic spray paint

- 3D paint

- glass container

jar 3

First, be sure to remove the labels from any jars you have and clean all the containers.  Thoroughly dry them.

jar 4

Next, use the 3D paint and decorate the containers.  I would suggest a simple design like a band of swirls, vertical lines, or polka dots.  It seems with this project that less is more!  Be sure to let the puff paint dry completely.

jar 5

When the paint is dry, take the glass outside and spray paint the entire thing.  It may require two coats.  If so, let each coat dry before adding the next.

Your containers are glammed up and ready to use! 

As you may be able to see on one of my jars, I struggled to remove all the adhesive of one of the labels, and this is magnified by the metallic paint.  I would suggest using a strong cleaner to eat away the adhesive or choosing a container without a label, such as an old drinking glass or plain jar.

Tuesday, January 20

How To Clean Your Room FAST!

Here is the definitive guide on how to clean your room fast!

how to clean your room fast 1

Your mother-in-law just called.

She is going to be pulling up the driveway in five minutes.

Your living room is a disaster.

What do you do?

We all know that cleaning and organizing is one of our main priorities as homemakers. But we also know sometimes we let it get away from us. Somehow our extended family seems to sense it because that is when they usually show up unannounced. Amiright ladies

I have written plenty of posts on home organization tips, but I think this might be the most important one I have written to date because I am going to show you how to clean your living room (or any one room in your home) in five minutes.


How To Clean Your Room Fast!

Step one:

  • Find a large empty box, plastic tub, or laundry basket. 
  • Fill it with everything in the room that doesn’t belong there. Don’t bother to put things back where they belong, you don’t have time for that kind of nonsense right now.

Step two:

  • Hide the basket somewhere. 
  • I suggest the garage, closet, or under the bed.

Step three:

  • Fluff pillows and wipe down surfaces with a damp paper towel. 
  • If time, sweep and/or Swiffer the floor.

That’s it!

Obviously this cleaning method should only be used in emergencies. You will still need to go back and put all the things in the box or basket back where they belong after your guest has left. But when you are pressed for time, this method of how to clean your room fast is the best way to get the job done!

WARNING: This method doesn’t work in the kitchen due to the presence of dirty dishes. In this situation you should fill your dishwasher with the dirty dishes (don’t rinse!) and if there are pots and pans, hide them in the sink. Then cover them with a few dish towels. Your other option is to hide the pots and pans in the oven. Continue with step three. 

If you liked this post but want to learn how to actually clean your home, here is my three part series on How To Clean Your House:

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